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Time and time again, we often look at someone from afar; garnering our own interpretation of what their lives must BE like; wondering what it must BE like to BE walk in their shoes; even wishing we were gifted with certain physical traits. I find this to BE true, in the sense that, our world is constantly BErated with The Hips of K.Michele, The Body of Dwayne Johnson, The Lips of Kylie, and The Skin of Tyrese with millions knocking on the doors of the closest gym or surgeon to grant these superficial wishes.

Well for years now, I’ve known this individual via the BallRoom circuit and he’s undeniably earned FullSizeRenderhis rightful place at the top of the winners circle. (wink). He’s seemingly grown into quite a looker, according to social standards, but by his account, he didn’t appreciate until later in life. This man is more than a Face & Body, he has big dreams and he’s working very hard to achieve his entrepreneurial goals. Born to a family of immigrants in search for a BEtter future and the promise of the “American Dream,” Nigel Rampersaud is living every moment to continue his legacy of hard-work, spiritual conviction, dedication to one’s hopes, and a commitment to family. I am honored to introduce this month’s BE-Style Feature, Mr. Nigel Rampersaud.

BE: I’ve known you for quite sometime now but I’ve never seen you involved in a “Scandal” or unBEcoming situations and I applaud you for that. How do you maintain your character in today’s judgmental and socially driven culture?
NR: I honestly just keep to myself and stay away from the drama. I learned early on, that people will judge you based on their perception of your life. Whether you’re on top of the world or at the bottom of the barrel, someone will always have a critical eye and vocal opinions.

BE: I often tease you and I’m sure you get tired of people ogling at you. How do you handle the attention from BEings so obviously handsome? IMG_8024
NR: LOL, Awwwwww. I’m Flattered. You know growing up, I didn’t find myself as BEing handsome, I didn’t like my look at times as I have gotten older I love the skin that I am in and I look at myself in the mirror and thank both my parents. I’m truly blessed coming from a mix race background, my mom is half black and half East Indian and my dad is East Indian. I love BEing of mix race. At times, I do get shy but I’m accustomed to the attention.

BE: How was it working during NYFW?
NR: I loved working during fashion week. I loved working in Bryant Park, running from one tent to the next, it’s always exciting.

BE: How long have you modeled and would you consider doing more?
NR: I modeled mostly during 1998-2005, I would do shows and some print work on and off. Absolutely, I would love to do more.

BE: Do you find it harder for men of your age to find work as a model?
NR: Funny that you would ask that question, I backed away from modeling when I turn 35 BEcause I knew someone was going to say “you’re too old to be in this business”. I didn’t want anyone saying that to me so I bowed out gracefully. When the call came for me to BE in the shows this past fashion week, I was like, Hell yes. I’m glad I did it, I loved every minute of it.

IMG_6324 IMG_6377

BE: Is the BallRoom Open for discussion?
NR: Sure.

BE: How long have you BEen involved in the BallRoom scene? 1690097_10152505491488811_1067096027205695676_n
NR: Wow, I went to my first ball in 1988 @ Tracks in NYC. I joined the house of Mugler in 1991, so it’s BEen over 25+ years.

BE: Has it helped you grow as an individual?
NR: Growing up I was a very shy person and didn’t speak much. So yes, I can honestly say that the BallRoom gave me confidence to BE able to walk and to BE able to model. It help me in my day to day life, it’s BEen a great stepping stone for me.

BE: As a subculture, how important is it for the Icons to reach back and guide those fascinated by the glitz and glam but don’t understand the “life”?
NR: For the last seven years or so, I’ve backed away from the BallRoom scene, not that there is anything wrong with it but I’m in a new space in my life. As far as inspiring newcomers, if someone needs my help or would like to speak to me about walking or want my insight, I am definitely there to assist them.

BE: Would you change anything in today’s BallRoom scene?
NR: Although I am still in the The House of Mugler, I very rarely attended Balls over the last five plus years. For that reason, I don’t know what the science is anymore but I’m things have changed over the years since I walked.

Ok, break’s over now…..

BE: What is it about Event Planning that sparked your interest and inspired you to start your company?
NR: When I was in high school I use to work for a florist after school and that got me into floral design. Soon after, I designed my aunts and uncles weddings, my cousin’s sweet 16, and a cousin’s wedding. I enjoy transforming venues and spaces.  I look to see the look in my client’s face. I love creating Amazing floral design and I give 200% of me into a project.

BE: Who would BE you dream client and the location to plan, design, and execute an event?
NR: My business is nationwide and worldwide. I don’t really have one specific client in mind; I would love to have several clients where money is not a option so I can create a fantasy unlike anything they have ever seen Before. That’s the type of client I’m seeking.

BE: How important is it to keep cultural influences in what you do for clients?
NR: It’s very important. Every client have there own specific idea of what they want and it’s my job to show them what it is that I can do for them; to bring that fantasy to life.

BE: What are some of the BEst ways you’ve learned to turn a client’s vision into a reality?
NR: Firstly, understanding their vision is purely a dream but it can BE accomplished with the proper execution. I pay close attention to everything that the client is saying, I ask specific questions and it relates only to their vision, and I don’t set false expectations. I am an Event Coordinator and Designer, not a Magician.. LOL..

BE: It breaks my heart every time I think about B.Smith and her current health condition, then I smile when I think of her legacy. One can only hope for that kind of impact. How do you plan to leave your mark?
NR: I plan to leave my mark by simply working really hard at my craft and staying true to myself. I think it is very important to listen to your passion and let it guide you. Sometimes we get lost in sensationalism and the promises of hope but get lost on our journey. It is important to me to create magical moments for my clients. I also plan to write several books on event planning and floral design.

BE: What can we expect to see from you in 2016?
NR: More magical moments. Just wait and see. (wink)

BE: What are you hopes from the Rampersaud brand to BEcome?
NR: It is my hopes for Nigel Rampersaud Events to BEcome a household name. I will continue to strive for excellence in business, to serve our clients with the most whimsical finished product, and take them on a journey of escapism as we transform their vision from a sketch to reality.

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Photo Credits: Nigel Rampersaud, Leco Harrell

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