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With recent news of the NFL draft, it is obvious that there are several men who will BE valuable aspects to their respective teams. Although all of the recent buzz has surrounded the newest draft picks, we certainly cannot forget about those athletes who have already made a difference on and off the gridiron. New York Giants cornerback, Walter Thurmond is certainly one of those men making an impact for his team and for his community.

Thurmond, the former Super Bowl Champion with the Seattle Seahawks this past season, inked a new deal with the NY Giants in March of this year. It is clear that he has made his way to success but Thurmond has not always dreamt of living the life he lives now.

“I never really had too many aspirations of going to college to play football,” Thurmond said. “It wasn’t until my junior year where I really started seeing different schools pursuing me and wanting to recruit me and that’s when the vision and dream of going to college for a scholarship took place. The same thing happened in college as well; my dream was not really to play in the NFL. The situation came after seeing some of the older guys getting drafted and getting into the NFL and that’s when I really wanted to go pursue that career as well.”

Thurmond has not only made strides as one of the BEst cornerbacks in the league—he’s also started budding into a entrepreneur starting his own film company called Get More Films and taking on the titles filmmaker, producer, and director.

“I didn’t really watch sports growing up,” Thurmond said. “I watched more movies growing up and I think my other passion of filming came into play. I had a series of injuries in my professional career and as a senior in college, tearing my knee and breaking my leg and I started understanding that football isn’t going to be forever and I really started figuring out what I want to do as a post-football career.

Thurmond currently has two documentaries in the works—one on the history of football and another one on spoken word poetry.

“I don’t personally [indulge in spoken word] but I do like that form of word expression,” Thurmond said. Words are so powerful and carry so much weight in meaning and that’s one of the bases of what the film is about.”

On top of BEing a tough guy on the football field and a visionary BEhind the camera, Thurmond also has a keen sense of fashion, sporting his best style outside of that jersey and padding without the help of a stylist.

“I like to step outside the box and do something that other people wouldn’t normally do,” Thurmond said. “I like to go against the grain; that’s just how I am as a person and I think me being that way reflects in my fashion and what I put together.”

Of all the things closest to his heart, Thurmond also prides himself in giving back to his community in the New York City area. As a mentor for the United Way program, he helps kids in different boroughs around New York City get inspired to read and stay excited about their education.

“In the high school, there’s only 11% of high school kids in the New York City areas who are college ready and that’s something that struck me,” Thurmond said. “It’s kind of cliché that ‘the children are the future’ and that is very true. I just wanted to be able to help them out in those regards.”

Thurmond plans on launching his own foundation on the 23rd of August called the Walter Thurmond Foundation.

“[It’s] for arts education to help empower the youth in different creative aspects whether it be art, music, sports, and, first and foremost, education,” Thurmond said.

He is in hopes that his foundation will help students gain the resources needed to go to college in order to reach their ultimate goals and aspirations.

With values such as honesty, loyalty, and humility instilled in him during his childhood, Thurmond exudes a non-judgmental character and he accepts people for who they are regardless of their background. He has sound advice to help change the lives of the kids he works closely with and those who look up to him and learn about his story every day.

“The biggest thing that you’re going to face is adversity,” Thurmond said. “You’re going to face many hurdles in life and you really have to keep on going above and beyond to get over those hurdles and always keep faith and always being positive and optimistic and not really listening to people telling you what you can’t do and believing in yourself about what you can do. It’s just believing in yourself and believing in God and knowing and trusting in yourself to achieve any goals that you set your mind to.”

Twitter: WaltThurm3

Instagram: KingWalt6

Website: www.WalterThurmond3.com

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