BEhind-the-Scenes: Verse Simmonds, Zaytoven, Vina Mills, J.Write & More Shoot for MHBM Campaign

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BEing involved in something bigger than self is soothing to the soul, which is why when KimBErly Epps (Purple LaBEl PR/M.H.B.M Creator) asked me to BE a part of the My HeartBEat Matters Campaign, whose goal is the continuance of awareness for cases like Trayvon Martin, Darius Simmons, a many others, I was truly humbled and honored.

“Even though Trayvon Martin, Darius Simmons and many others are gone but not forgotten, the coverage of this matter will soon fade away. It is our job to keep not only the many victims memory alive – but for us to educate our youth, empower each other and ignite this generation to be proactive.” states M.H.B.M founder Kimberly Epps.

Yesterday, Verse Simmonds, Vina Mills, Zaytoven, Novel, Wilt Wallace, & a host of other movers and shakers teamed up for round two of the M.H.B.M. official campaign photo shoot by photographer Arthur Butler of Urban Poshture Photography.

The M.H.B.M Web Campaign officially launches tomorrow, August 1st so make sure you support the movement! You can also purchase your own “My Heartbeat Matters” t-shirt with a portion of the proceeds going to the families of victims that have died at the hands of violence while unarmed.

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