BEhind-the-Scenes w/ Celebrity Hair Stylist Terrence Davidson

We were first introduced to Terrence Davidson through a mutual friend well BEfore we knew he was the mastermind BEhind some of the flyest females’ hair in the hip hop industry.

Trina…check. Nicki Minaj…check.

And that doesn’t BEgin to unleash the high profile list of clients that Terrence and his team keeps on deck.

Not only is this man serious with the shears and curling irons, he’s also no joke BEhind the desk taking on new business endeavors such as his upcoming 5 City Hair Show Tour (which kicks off in Atlanta on January 23rd), his weave and wig line, and a few other projects that he prefers to keep on the wraps until they fully develop and come to fruition.

We managed to catch up with this cross country stylist, who works in shops in Jersey and Atlanta, while he was setting up shop in ATL shooting his ad campaign for his Weave & Wig Line. As he sat styling what he explained to BE a “lace-front wig” in front of my eyes, it was easy to see the passion that Terrence posses for the craft. He’s a very particular guy that likes things a certain way so that he can provide his client with the satisfaction that they deserve; it helps that Terrance has an awesome team working next to him.

Terrance and his business partner Robert welcomed the BE Team into the shoot as he styled a couple of the ladies that would BE participating in the shoot. As they gave me a two on one about they’re future endeavors in the BEauty Industry, I heard one synonymous theme played out through the interview…giving back. Not only is Terrence a hair veteran, he makes it his duty to pass on the lessons learned from his craft to up and coming designers and BEauty lovers. As I sat and captured my interview, two up and coming stylists got an opportunity to pick Terrence’s brain, asking him any and everything about getting in the business. Terrence wanted to stress the importance of giving back to those that want to learn. He’s BEen privileged to learn under the umbrella of fashion greats like Derek Jae (Real Housewives of Atlanta) and Christian Belenciaga (Monica’s Make-Up Stylist) and is turning down no attempts at passing the torch.

Take a look at our BEhind-the-Scenes footage with Terrence. It quickly BEcomes apparent that his love for the trade is unprecedented and is at the forefront of his thought process. He puts himself into his work, which makes it easy for him to let go and give back.We salute Terrance for not only BEing a bomb stylist, but for taking the time to teach those that share a similar passion. He isn’t threatened by what the next person could bring…he’s simply concerned with bringing the next person.

For more info on Terrence or to get your wig game together visit and and follow Terrence on twitter @HairsOnly1Me

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  1. Hi Terrence & Beauty Industry Family. ….I first and foremost want to introduce myself. I am a upcoming stylist by the name of Yolanda however, I prefer to go by “Shell” n… LOVE everything and more about styling hair and making my clients feel and look BEAUTIFUL….my Motto that I stand by are my initials Y.L.B. (which means to each and every individual that loves to beautify themselves)…..”You…Look…Beautiful”. My goal is to put my work out in the world to teach and learn from other Professional Stylist…Please check me out on Facebook at!/pages/Classy-Stylin-by-Shell/174971949183137…and provide feedback. Thank you for your support…..

  2. hey Terrance i was wondering if you could hook me up like you be doing my favorite female rapper nicki minaj because when i grow up i wanna be just like her ily you and nicki minaj please tell her that

  3. hey terrence i am dajour artis a 14 year old future hair stylist and u are one of my my hair mentors and i was wondering can you bring one of your battles to richmond,va because i love hair shows but there’s only one hair show that comes to richmond and i go to that one every year but i want to see more hair shows, battles, and Competitions and plus i really really want to meet you i love your styles and i want to meet the master mind of nicki minaj, trina, and the late great left eye hair styles

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