#BEinterview: Renee Graziano: Building Her Own Mob Empire


So after 4 seasons , are you still surprised by the shows popularity and success?

I’m not surprised by the success of the show. I mean anything associated with the word “Mob” seems to attract peoples interest, but yes the show has BEen picked up for a fifth season and will BEgin shooting this summer. I have not decided on whether or not I will BE returning for the fifth season, last season was the hardest season for me to go through out of all seasons combined . This last season the level of viciousness was at an all time high and these new women really came in trying to prove something, which I don’t think they had to prove anything, your on the show that’s proof enough you know . I can say that I was a bit disappointed in some of my BEhavior as well, but I thought that towards the end of season we were all working towards a BEtter place, but then that reunion show changed all that.

Do you feel like you were mayBE too transparent and open with sharing your life and up and downs on the show?

This last season yes i do feel like I did honestly. I kind of hate to say pull back or feel like I want to pull back a bit and mayBE not share so much of it when it comes to my recovery process BEcause it has helped not only me but others as well, but I almost want to protect it. I felt like it was overexposed some. It hurt to sit and watch some of the scenes where the other women were mocking and making fun at my situation and turn around and be like oh i’m here for you and care about you. And I’m thinking now like No you don’t.

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What is the most misunderstood thing about you?

That I’m always angry! I’m not always angry, I like to have fun, I’m a joker and like to laugh a lot. They always showed the drama, and there was some drama don’t get me wrong, but I think they made it as it was the main thing that happened when I was around. I think that I was kind of made into the “big bad wolf” . I mean there was no Ramona or Love this season, so I felt like they pushed that title onto me a bit .

So lets switch gears a little. Who is like your die hard designer you love?

Oh I’m so simple girl let me tell you *laughs. I love BCBG! they keep their fashion so up and current. its so many looks they have with that line and I’m always impressed by what they present.

Now let’s discuss these books you have out and  your Mob Candy line and other projects you have going on right now.

Yes my first book is a cookbook and it’s titled ” How to Use a Meat Clever”, It’s a family recipe and cookbook . It was a way to give back to my parents and thank them for everything and was also a way for fans to peek into my family world outside of the whole “mob wives” TV thing. It’s easy and delicious recipes to follow and can stand up to any other cook book out there as well if  I say so myself.  “Playing With Fire” is my new book that was released in April and it’s an erotic novel, not to BE confused with a sex book *lol. It’s loosely based on me and has a lot to do with the fashion industry, sex, money and murder. It was really fun to create and do. The Mob candy brand has grown so much as well. We have now music, swimwear and glasses that we are doing under the mob candy line as well as the jewelry. It was important to expand my brand outside of the show BEcause the show will come to an end and you need something that takes you from that to your next level.  As far as other projects i have a spin-off in the works, 2 movies in the works, endorsements, and another book, so just keep your eyes open and watch.

 After all that has happened in your life, Do you consider yourself a survivor?

Absolutely! I’m still surviving. I can’t just lay down and die, GOD didn’t give me that ability to do that. To the women out there I want to say don’t do the things wrong that I did, learn from what i’m showing you is right and apply it to your situation. Pray and ask God for things you need help with and it will work out I’m telling you.


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