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The Ultimate Power of Forgiveness

As we face each day, we are often reminded by friends, family memBErs, significant others, and co-workers of our faults, downfalls, mishaps, and imperfections. Often times, the words and actions can leave us in a state of sadness that overwhelms the core BEing of our purposeful selves. We are truly human by nature. We love hard, we try to understand with an open mind and heart, and we tend to move mountains for individuals that can’t comprehend generosity. There are those that will constantly remind you of your past. Although it may BE hard, you must continue to move in directions of love. Feeding their soul with positive energy will hopefully dull the anger that rages. Moving in love means to forgive openly and without expectation.  When you open the gates of forgiveness, you will BEgin to recognize and understand your true power.  Are you up for the challenge? Follow these steps:

  1. Forgive yourself
  2. Forgive yourself
  3. Forgive yourself

Until you forgive yourself, only then will you BE able to truly forgive others.  Stay tuned for part two of the “Ultimate Power of Forgiveness” Series. #JustBE

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