#BEloved: Forgive Yourself: The Power of Forgiveness Series


We are continuing our “Power of Forgiveness” Series with a challenge that many of us face, forgiving oneself.  For many, the task of self-forgiveness can BE daunting. It is important to understand that as we continue to encounter life’s unexpected nuances,  there will BE obstacles that will discourage one to question their ability to love again. Not only love, but to exude the confidence that once was shielded by self-doubt.  As imperfect BEings, we expect others to right the wrongs of our BEhavior; however, we haven’t even BEgun the process of forgiving ourselves. The mirror that sits in front of you is indeed not made of glass and metal, it is made of flesh and blood. Reflections encourages us to take a deeper look at the core of our BEing. Asking the following questions will jump-start the BEat of your heart as it BEgins to process the steps of self-forgiveness:

1. Who are you?

2. What defines your character or lack thereof?

3. What steps have you taken to BEgin the process of self-forgiveness?

The journey of freedom begins with understanding that it is ok to make mistakes. Mistakes promotes growth. With growth, you will continue on the path of truly forgiving who you were, making room for who you are, and charting a course of action of who you will BEcome.

Now, go in LOVE!

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