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In the heart of Atlanta lies two intelligent, motivated, creative women who have made a distinct name for themselves under the alias – The T-Shirt Divas. Born and raised in Chicago, IL; Cher’Don Reynolds and Sharena Flowers know all too well the eagerness to relocate and provide a more stable environment for their children in the ever evolving metro Atlanta area. Cher’Don, a wife and mother of 1 and currently expecting another, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from CAU and knew at a young age that her name would be in lights – without the help of an employer.

Sharena is not only a single mother of 3, but currently holds two Bachelor of Science degrees, a MBA in Business Administration, and is a licensed real estate broker. Sharena’s natural creativity and love of business is the platform that majority of her projects stem from and she too knew that BEing managed by someone other than herself was not an option. Needless to say, it was inevitable for these two to embark on the journey of creating their own business.

T-Shirt Divas BEgan in a T-shirt store in Chicago called MATS. While working at MATS, Sharena learned about t-shirt design and printing and started thinking of her own t-shirt line. After speaking with her BEst friend, the fashion savvy Cher’Don was on board .. and the rest is history! Once initiated, Cher’Don and Sharena used their own designs to wear and advertise on social media; thus creating an effective brand awareness strategy. BEcause of their experience with supplier’s inability or unwillingness to perform certain print techniques, the T-Shirt Divas’ transition to bulk printing was an easy decision. It allowed them to conveniently create bulk orders at an affordable price. The process is simple: If no artwork is prepared the “divas” hold a consultation in which they obtain your vision, business information, and interests in order to create a one of a kind design. When that design is complete and meets the customer’s satisfaction the vision is brought to life. The T-Shirt Divas have proven to BE a major success for Cherdon and Sharena. Participating in many local events such as the notable Bronner Bros. Convention in Atlanta, GA have allowed the T-Shirt Divas to see local celebrities, personalities, and DJ’s rocking their gear. The T-Shirt Divas have BEen blessed to see a profit in their first year of business and are excited to be opening a location in the Spring/ Summer of 2014.

Contact Information: Readers can follow us on Twitter: @realtshirtdivas | Instagram: @tshirtdivas

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  • Cheryl.Russom

    Wow so proud of my daughters CherDon & Sharena on your accomplishments. May you both be continuously Blessed on your future Visions, Dreams, & Endeavors, as Entrepreneurs with tshirtdivas.com, in Jesus Name! Amen!!! Much Love/Respect for You Both… #TEARS

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