#BEourguest: Atlanta’s First Annual Cat Walk For-A-Cure TONIGHT

Walk the Catwalk for Charity!  “The First Annual Cat Walk For-A-Cure  Fashion Show” will take place TONIGHT, Wednesday December 11, 2013, & you still have time to get your tickets by visiting 1211.eventbrite.com.

Red Carpet-7pm

Location: The Defoor Art Centre

1710 Defoor Ave. NW

Atlanta, GA


The event is in honor of HIV/AIDS Awareness month, homelessness, domestic violence, LGBT bulluying, and hunger. The red carpet event is being hosted by BErnard Love with Apartment K and co-hosted by Runwayink.


BE Magazine  will be honored for their commitment to entertainment, fashion, and everything social. Thank you BE Magazine for your contributions to entertainment and pop culture! BE Magazine will receive the “POP Culture Award”

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We are please to announce that our beneficiary for this first annual event is the Don’t Be The Victim Grassroots Campaign.

DON’T BE THE VICTIM (DBTV) is a new grassroots campaign and web series started by Celebrity Publicist Jakeem Smith, who is the founder and the face of DBTV. The purpose of DBTV is to heighten the awareness of HIV/AIDS, homelessness, domestic violence, LGBT and cyber bullying. As the face of DBTV, Jakeem will invite his celebrity clientele to discuss the issues that continue to plague families across the globe. Jakeem wants you to know that “You have your own voice to speak up and not be a victim anymore!”
We are excited to honor BE Magazine and  have DBTV as our beneficiary! We are looking forward to working with Jakeem and his wonderful grassroots organization!

Runway  Fashion Show:

Catwalk for a Cure is proud to announce the debut of David Quiroz, fashion designer for the W Hotels and Resorts, his showstopping “3C” collection.

Special Guest Designer and Artist, William “King Pop” Floyd, Founder of Pop Culture Clothing, I Awake to Create, and Co Founder of F.A.M.E The Experience will debut his “15 Minutes of Fame”Fall Collection in his on site POP Up store. In addition, King Pop is also the set designer for the event!


Runway Model Competition:

If you are interested in entering the modeling competition, you will still need to pay $15.00 online or $25.00 at the door. The competition is open to all. There are three categories:

Category 1: Men (18 up)

Category 2: Women (18 up)

Category 3: Children ( ages 6-17)

Children competitors will compete within their own age bracket. Men and Women will compete as co-eds for a chance at winning the prize.

There will be a children’s prize and an Adult prize.

All competitors will be judged on a “process of elimination” basis, in which the top three competitors (men/women) will compete for the Adult prize.

The top three competitors (kids) will compete for the children’s prize.

*The competition is subject to cancellation if there are not at least a minimum of 10 competitors (men/women) or children. ALL monies are non-refundable.

*Upon your arrival, please inform the front desk (check-in) that you will be competing in the competition and your name will be added to the list*

Prize (Adult) $100.00 cash

Prize (Kid) $25.00 Macy’s gift card

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All ticket sales and registration fee’s are tax deductible and non-refundable. If you would like to request a “Proof of Donation” letter, please email Braylon Gorman at braylonjacob@gmail.com

On behalf of all those living with HIV/AIDS, our homeless families, those that are hungry, and suffering from domestic abuse, and being bullied, I encourage you to join us on the catwalk and help bring us one step closer to finding more solutions to these social issues!


Thank you for your continued support!

For more information about BE Magazine, please visit bemagazine.me

For more information about Don’t Be The Victim, please visit

Twitter: DBTV1
Instagram: DBTV13
Facebook: Don’t Be The Victim

*As a token of appreciation, all contestants and attendees will receive a “Band of Life” to commemorate those living with HIV/AIDS, homelessness, LGBT  and cyber bullying, domestic abuse, and hunger.

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