#BEScene: Czar Ice Bar – Icy Cocktail Heaven

Imagine an Icy Cocktail Heaven…as you enter the room you’re immediately taken back by the four inch thick, 27 foot long, solid ice bar that houses over 300 of the worlds most exotic vodka brands, a mouth-watering sushi menu, an amazing staff that provides you the experience of a lifetime.

This icy heaven isn’t a figment of our imagination, you can get all this and more at the upscale and A-list Czar Ice Bar. Located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Czar Ice Bar is one of the most unique restaurants we have encountered thus far. Czar Bar specializes in the BEst sushi in town. They pride themselves on their extensive selection of vodkas from all over the world. With world-acclaimed master sushi Chef Saito Saito, (who has opened over 30 successful restaurants all over the world) BEing thecreative magician” BEhind their sushi masterpieces, it’s no big mystery why they keep a packed house night after night. Master Chef Saito officially retired a few years ago and was soon convinced to come out of retirement by good friend Steve de Haan, President of Andrews Entertainment District, which houses Czar Ice Bar . The new concept of a Sushi Restaurant coupled with a Vodka Bar excited Saito so mcuh that he came out of retirement and  created his BEst sushi menu to date.

The most popular roll they have is the Mango Roll. Bartender Merry Margarita said, “It’s extremely good.” The Mango roll is composed of a shrimp tempura, crabstick, mango, sweet and sour sauce and is crispy outside. Czar Ice Bar offers three different categories of sushi—Nigiri, Sashimi, and Maki. There are also Chef Specials available for patrons to enjoy. Aside from the amazing sushi suggestions created by the master, Czar Ice Bar’s drink menu is just as extensive as their sushi menu. With specialty martinis and drinks they have justly named “infusions”.  Czar Bar’s Infusions are made weekly by head bartender Mary Margaret. They utilize  fresh fruits and vegetables and use combinations you would never think of, but always turn out to BE Major hits.  One of Czar Bar’s signature infusions include  lemonade with the jalapeño, which is very refreshing and offers a kick of spice. You can also get the infusions in a flight which is four, one ounce shots, if you want to sample a couple, or they can just make you a regular drink with them. A lot of people drink them on the rocks or they’ll get them with soda or tonic .

Whether you are looking for somewhere to conduct a classy business meeting or a place to have a quiet dinner date, the atmosphere  of Czar Ice Bar’s  is sure to appeal to any and everyone. The menus are hand crafted for perfection and guests never leave disappointed.

BE sure to try their amazing infused drinks and  and Master Chef Saito’s specialty sushi.

Visit www.czaricebar.com


Interview TranscriBEd by Tiffany Roper

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