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Recently, I had the chance to stop by the delightful Kozmo Gastro Pub in Alpharetta, Georgia.  As I waited for the owners to arrive, I people watched as patrons trickled in to this great pub.  I noticed that some of the patrons were Kozmo regulars.  But I couldn’t help but to stop people watching and notice the bartenders and how extremely friendly they were and attentive to my BEverage needs.  It was a very home’y, “Cheers-like” atmosphere.  I had a chance to meet the owners, husband and wife duo, Oswald Morgan and Karen Harper.  This couple is incredibly passionate about their business and both give off such a friendly energy that’s highly contagious. 

This darling restaurant is located in the Johns Creek area of Alpharetta.  Typically, I am an ITP type of girl, but after several reviews raving about their new summer menu, I made sure to add this restaurant to my bucket list sooner rather than later.  Although located in a suburb of Atlanta, Kozmo Gastro Pub is an urban-style restaurant offering comfort food; familiar, yet inventive.  They offer an extensive wine list, a great cocktail menu, and unique craft beers.

Kozmo is currently showcasing their slimmed down comfort menu.  By selecting key ingredients and altering preparation methods, you can change a familiar, yet not-the-most-healthy dish into a slimmed down version.  Typically, comfort food (i.e. mac and cheese, fried chicken, mashed potatoes) are not the healthiest and gives an overly full feeling.  After speaking with Oswald about their slimmed down dishes, I realized that comfort is really a freshness that you can taste. 
The main reason that you can taste this is because ingredients and preparation makes a huge difference.  For example, the choice of agave versus other high-glycemic sweeteners.  Baking or pan searing is a significantly healthier way to prepare salmon and chicken versus frying.  Of course I had to inquire what was the inspiration behind KGP’s summer menu?  The answer is Carolyn O’Neil.  Carolyn O’Neil is the 3x James BEard Award Winning journalist and author of the “Slim Down South Cookbook”.

Needless to say that after viewing the menu, I was thrilled to try the slimmed down comfort menu. I started with Watermelon Tomato Gazpacho with Spicy Cucumber Mint Relish. This truly is a refreshing summer dish.  This soup was a wonderful start to this meal. It’s spicy, big on flavor, slightly sweet, and just simply amazing.  The mint relish was the icing on the cake. I highly recommend this soup!

Salmon is one of my favorite foods, especially during the summer.  I can never have too much salmon.  So I was very excited to see the salmon meatballs as a featured appetizer.  I was even more excited to try this tasty ball of goodness.  The salmon meatballs were lightly breaded and topped with almonds, citrus, and romesco sauce.  This was a homerun.  The salmon was extremely fresh, and meatballs weren’t your typical heavy filling.  Romesco is a nut and red pepper-based sauce from Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain. It is typically made from any mixture of roasted or raw almonds, pine nuts, and/or hazelnuts, roasted garlic, olive or sunflower oil, bitxo peppers and/or nyora peppers.

To better explain this dish, it’s pan-roasted salmon, corn, white bean, tomato citrus, onion, and cilantro salad.  The salmon was perfection, and it was pan seared to a perfect temperature.  If you look at the picture, it tastes even better than it looks.  The salad was fresh and full of flavor, and the cilantro and citrus where an awesome blend with the onion and white bean.

The final dish was Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta with fresh seasonal BErries with agave.  I’m a huge lover of Greek Yogurt and Panna Cotta, so needless to say, I was completely in love.  This luscious panna cotta manages to BE both an indulgence and a healthy choice.  What’s really BEtter than that?  Nothing!  The fresh BErries were the perfect touch. 

Unfortunately, fall is going to BE knocking on the door sooner than later.  To achieve your own slimmed down comfort menu, make sure to visit your neighborhood farmer’s market to select the freshest ingredients such as The Good Sheperd AgroEcology Farm.  Make sure you add Kozmo to your bucket list very soon BEcause this menu isn’t going to BE around during the fall.

Story By – Erica of EatingwithErica.com

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