#BEscene: Private Tasting with Chef V.Harper


The BE Team are  no strangers  to eating good. We’re blessed with BEing able to meet an abundance of talented culinary artists all over the US, but meeting Chef V.Harper, may have BEen one of the most divine. Chef Virgil Harper, Executive Chef at Atlanta’s popular Suite Food Lounge, recently invited the BE Editorial Team out to Suite for a Private Tasting, & officially stamped his role as one of ATL’s food frontrunners.

Chef Harper is 100% passionate about his artform. He prides himself on using natural homegrown foods that that not only speak to your satisfied stomach’s, but also assist with keeping your whole body healthier. We got a chance to visit him in his culinary element, the kitchen, and instantly took notice to all types of healthier alternatives like brown eggs, natural fruit sweeteners, and colorful organic potatoes. His ambition is to bring the “farm to table”. He explained, “America Eats 31 percent more packaged than any other county. We spend money on packaged and processed food that tastes good, but is filled with fat, salt, & sugar, yet has very little nutritional value. It gives us diaBEtes, high blood pressure, & heart disease.”

Head over to Suite Food Lounge to taste Chef V. Harper’s magic, it’ll BE some of the BEst southern comfort food you’ve ever experienced.

BE’s Chef V.Harper Favorites

Chicken & Waffles with a Peach Compote, Vanilla Creme, & 100% Pure Maple Syrup

Lobster Mac & Cheese with Capativi Pasta

Organic French Chicken Breast, Stuffed with White Truffle Borsin Cheese, Seasonal Veggies, Fingerling Potatoes, Roasted Chicken Demi Glace’

New York Cheesecake

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