#BEScene: Agave The Eclectic Southwestern Eatery

Agave! Agave! Agave! Some of the BEst Southwestern flavor in the heart of downtown Atlanta!

From the warm ambiance to the friendly staff, Agave served up a feast that is worth going back for more! Under the culinary eye and direction of Chef Bradley, our starters consisted of tantalizing fried calamari served with sweet and sour and green tomatillo Spanish infused cream sauce and fish tacos wrapped in flour tortillas! MMmm good! This was only the beginning! Our main entrees consisted of cayenne peppered fried chicken breast and pork shank served with three cheese macaroni and cheese, grilled asparagus, Yukon gold buttery mashed potatoes, and grilled squash! Dinner is served! Every bite was seasoned to perfection! No meal is complete without southwester tradition of Texas and frozen margaritas! (We had two each)! Agave made it happen!

Now, for the experience, nestled in the Cabbage Town Park area of Downtown Atlanta (242 Boulevard), Agave provides a quiet elegance that caters to a diverse clientele. BE Entertained Magazine was indeed entertained. We were sat in a quaint and cozy corner, BEing warmed by a hickory wood burning stone fireplace! An added BEnefit to our culinary delights!

With its rustic charm, romantic accent lighting, and open kitchen (yes, guests can witness the culinary magic happening right before their eyes), Agave is an eclectic southwestern eatery indeed!

Reservations are highly recommended BEcause Agave has wall-to-wall customers waiting to taste what the hoopla is about!  Guests can book easily and conveniently on their website. For more information about this quiet place with a loud bite, please visit agaverestuarant.com!

Braylon Jacob – Contributing Writer


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