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Established a little over a year ago, La Cuisine Elite (which means “the BEst food”) came from a woman’s journey to BE happy in life while creating a legacy that her children can BE proud of. Erika Gaines, Founder of La Cuisine Elite, eventually joined forces with one of her BEst friends Paislee Graves, who was in school for Culinary arts, and the rest has BEen foodie history. Both ladies pride themselves on their passion, not only for creating fine dishes, but once again leaving a legacy for their children to BE proud of.

The ladies are currently in the process of opening up a location as well as a food truck where people who have supported their journey can come visit & regularly enjoy their dishes. They hope that their catering company can inspire people and let them know that despite what life throws your way, never let your passion die and you too can turn your dreams into a reality. Some of their BEst dishes include their Shrimp Alfredo, Cauliflower Mash (which is their healthier alternative to Mashed Potatoes), and their BEst selling dish, their Lasagna Bites, which we had the opportunity to try on multiple occasions.

One thing you can say about La Cuisine Elite is that they bring an element of real life to every dish they create. If you look at their menu, each item comes with a story.

Martin Lawrence and Da Brat are on La Cuisine Elite’s radar of celebrity faces they soon hope to cater for. They have watched the careers of these individuals for years and have BEen inspired by them in different ways. So Martin and Da Brat, if you’re reading this, make sure you book your La Cuisine Elite personal tasting TODAY.

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  • Amanda

    Their food is Amazing!! I’ve had a lot of dishes from them and it’s always a mouthwatering experience, one of my favorites is the shrimp and grits.

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