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It’s Tuesday after work, your boss just gave you piles of work and you feel like you’re so far away from Friday! Fret not, BEcause The Tavern restaurant has crab legs for 10.99 and a cocktail that will take that edge off your day! During this interview Frederick opens up about her experience. She had never owned her own business, however  she has worked  in the restaurant business since she was 14 years old. Once she decided to jump out of faith and open her own business, it was time to find a location. She admits, that wasn’t the easiest thing at the time. The leasing company was a little apprehensive BEcause of her background. UnBEknownst to them she had a vision and all they had to do was give her a chance…now the Tavern has two locations that thrive in the heart of Atlanta and are just pre-cursors for a third opening!

The Tavern @CampBEllton  is a laid-back environment that’s perfect for a girls night out, date night with your significant other, or even a spot where you and the boys can watch the game! This is actually the second location which opened its doors in June of 2014 following the original location opened in March of 2014.We got a chance to speak with the owner,Frederick Jones, to learn a little bit more about this up-and-coming restaurant.

So give us a little insight about The Tavern @CampBEllton .

People who are used to the other restaurants that are apart of “The Tavern” chain often say ‘Oh, The Tavern that’s a sports bar. But we are more than just a sports bar. We offer something TOTALLY different! It has “Something For The Soul” is also a great asset to this sultry environment. We have live band featured on Tuesday nights along with the 10.99 special on crab legs, so you are in for a great time. And for the old school lovers, The Tavern has a live DJ on the weekends to take you back and give you good vibes while eating great food!

Tell us about the menu…

When I sit down and go over  the menu I always try to put the wings in the back to let people know we are more than just your typical wing spot. That’s why our motto is: ‘It’s more than just chicken.’ We offer things such as seafood, healthy items and much more. With every experience, you’ll see something new and leave wanting more.

This restaurant is unique because everyday you have something different…Tell us a little bit about your daily specials

The daily specials are made up by the staff and they change every four months. I attract 30+ crowds so we cater to their needs by giving our drinks “provocative names”. The Blow Job, and The Stiff Woody are drinks that people love! Names that they love, but flavors they will rememBEr. Keeps it grown and sexy.

She offers her advice to anyone with a dream. “Make sure you have a great support system.” , she said. This day in age, especially in the younger to middle age generation, we are all trying to reach a goal. We are in the primes of our lives and you need people around you to support and protect your dream.

“It’s never the same, always something different!” Whether you’re visiting, need a load off from work, enjoying your weekend or just want to enjoy a night out…The Tavern @CampBEllton  is the place for you. Located at 5819 CampBEllton Road Suite 202-203 Atlanta, GA 30331

Story TranscriBEd by Chelsea Miller

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