#BETHipHop Fli Pelican presents Definition of Fli

Street luxury clothing brand Fli Pelican has been on the lips of hip-hop’s elite from Nicki Minaj to Jay-Z. To celebrate the 6th annual BET Hip Hop Awards weekend, they presented an assortment of hip hop-inspired pieces that fuse music and fashion. Tupac Shakur‘s sister, Set Shakur, was in the building as several, hand picked artists paid tribute in memory of the 15th anniversary of his death. Recording artists such as  Judicial and Miranda Nicole also added to the electric energy in the building as they lit up the stage.

#TeamFliPelican shared their well-known “No Sucka S#it” line and never before seen fall pieces, and attendees viewed exclusively picked looks placed throughout the venue showcasing the brand’s musically influenced pieces, making the fashion experience unique and memorable. Celebrities enjoyed The Source’s Media Lounge surrounded by plasma televisions displaying all things Pelicano. Check out the pics BElow courtesy of KidWithTheCam.




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