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I love going on YouTube and watching beauty tutorials but the thing I always hated was that I had to always go out of my way to search and purchase the makeup they featured in their videos.  Well my BE Beauties, I found a great new app that includes the beauty tutorials and direct links to purchase the makeup featured immediately.

Better.me, a beauty app dedicated solely to everything beauty, is an app that interfaces with YouTube videos and connects viewers, content creators and merchants.  It provides a platform where viewers are able to see what exact products or tools are being used in the video, with an option to put on a wish list, or directly purchase the item right then and there.

As each video is viewed, the product or tool for each step is highlighted so that the viewer knows exactly what’s being used in real-time, as it’s played. The viewer can also see reviews from other users about the products or tools and can expand further on a topic through related tutorial suggestions.

For viewers, this free mobile application takes away the headache of trying to figure out where to purchase a product they see and instead makes it available right at their fingertips.

For creators of the tutorials, Better.me catapults their monetization opportunities with direct links for purchase integrated into their videos. The quality of the content is reinforced through an invite-only membership that’s open for all creators to apply. Once membership is established, content creators can also create categories and tags for their channels, for increased visibility and exposure.

For more information visit. http://better.me

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