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Silkk The Shocker first came to fame in 1996 with the release of his debut album “The Shocker.” Silkk quickly rose to stardom. He was featured on most of the albums out of No Limit at the time, and has enjoyed 4 additional studio albums (“Charge It 2 Da Game” 1998, “Made Men” 1999, “My World My Way” 2001 and “Based On a True Story” 2004) and one mixtape (“All I Do Is Win Vol. 1” 2010) since hitting the scene. I recently got the opportunity to chop it up with the No Limit vet and find out what’s BEen going on in his world.

I must say that I was rather taken with how humbled this brother was. I sensed that though he’s a performer and entertainer, part of him still feels uncomfortable talking about himself. One would assume that entertainers are all self-serving egomaniacs but Silkk definitely dispels that myth as it seems that everything this brother does has a larger purpose.  Silkk one in a million, Ode to the day when those in the industry actually aimed to use their platform for the BEtterment of us all.

BE MAG: “Where have you BEen man?”

Silkk:  “I have BEen working on this new project, it’s a working title now but it’s called “Green Day.” I got a single called “Get Stupid” and another “Ball.” I’ve BEen just working man and it’s coming together real good.

BE MAG: “So what else has BEen up with you, is your primary focus the album?

Silkk: Naw, I took the last year or so to focus to the business side of the things, and to educate myself on the pros and cons of the game. Just to have some knowledge for later on down the line I can help the next generation understand what going on.

I also got into movies, producing and directing. I’m on my second movie. I’ve BEen doing the things that I’ve always wanted to do, but never have had the time to.

BE MAG: Tell us about the movies.

Silkk: I did a comedy and an urban Thriller. One was called “Too Many Reasons” and the other “More Money More Family” which featured Lil Duval and Michael Blackston and a few other comedians. It’s BEen a learning process. Now I’m working on another movie y’all should BE hearing about it really soon. I was really trying to learn this thing, so I stated with something small, and now I feel like I’m really ready to put my foot down.”

BE MAG: So were these movies done through your own production company?

Silkk: Well they were small films, so I did them myself. See what I do, when I am interested in a project I do it, BElieve in myself. I’m not really heavy into pitching ideas to other people. I mean they want to get on board it’s fine, but if not I do it myself.

BE MAG: So, you said that you were learning some things to impart on the younger people coming up in the game, what are some of them?

Business first. I tell people all the time it’s not about the money you make. I know people who have made 40,000 dollars, and they still have it til this day. It’s not about how much money you make, but about what you do with that it. In my opinion the game is materialistic. Don’t get me wrong it’s fine to treat yourself when you accomplish a goal, but I see some people and they got to have the big watch on. And to me, I’m around people all the time and they don’t have none of that, but they’re signing my checks. These are people in old Nikes but they own basketball teams. I just want to teach my people how to recognize wealth. It doesn’t equate to money sometimes, its just life. I’m blessed everyday that I wake up. I’m seeing people getting robbed and killed over chains and items that don’t even BElong to them, street corners that don’t BElong to them. All of the things they may BE blind to. I know me coming from where I’m from; I was blind to some things. I can try to help them see that the streets are going to BE there forever, long after you’re gone the street will BE there. The chain will is going to BE melted down into some other jewelry. Also educating them on finances and the appreciation of small things as well.

BE MAG: You seem to BE coming from a conscious place, is that reflected in your music?

Silkk: This time around, I’ve gotten something for everybody. I think the people will like it BEcause it’s real. Everything that I speak on is real. All of us deal with the same stuff. We may deal with them in different ways at different time, but we all deal with the same stuff. I think people will like it, if I like it BEcause I’m my worst critic.  I don’t really care who says what about it. I know that when you really open your mind to what I’m saying and aren’t bias you’ll like it. It’s music that I like to hear. I know that I rap, but I still like Anita Baker and Luther Vandross. I have an ear for good music, so I stopped listening when people would say “I want you to rap like this” or “do like that.” I rap in the way that I want to rap. To me buy it or don’t buy it. I don’t do it for the validation anymore. Whatever was going on in my life I  wrote about it. So, I lost a brother, I wrote a song about that. I wrote a song about having a brother locked up, I even wrote a song about loving life. I think people will enjoy it BEcause I talked about what really going on and I’m sure they can relate to it. BEfore I always blocked myself and only let my creativity go so far BEcause I was worried that this guy will think this or that. Though I’ve always BEen good at expressing myself, I would dumb it down for people. I don’t care about selling a hundred million records, I just want you to walk away saying, “damn Silkk did his thing.” I don’t want to live my life have to consider the music that other people are making. I like this, if you don’t like me BEing my BEst than I don’t care. I care what my fans think, but a true fan will see what it is, but plaques and selling a lot of records, I care about that to a minimum.

BE MAG: So I see that you imparting a major message but is it entertaining?

Silkk: Oh yeah, don’t get me wrong I’m an entertainer that’s what I do, but what I’m telling you is that people will appreciate it even more BEcause they will see that it a real source. You know, like, I’ll go and support a Jay Z show BEcause he’s an entertainer and I also know that he does his thing, he’s all over the place putting work in. Or like Busta Rhymes, he puts on a great show, but I know he a good dude too. So that’s what I’m about don’t take away from the entertainer aspect. If you come my show I’m going to give you a real show.

BE MAG: So what’s the energy of a show like?

Silkk: Man it’s excitement. I go out there and give it my all. There’s ups downs. I get the crowd rowdy. I do it all. But I think that the people are coming BEcause they know the consistency of how I live. That’s why I say it would BE something if I came out jumping up and down and you were like, “What is he doing? I don’t even like this dude.” You’re not going to want to jump around. But as far as the show, man I give it my all. I come out on my old No Limit show. With that (singing) “No Limit Soldier, I thought I told ya.” You not losing none of that. I just have other stuff to offer too.

BE MAG: So what do you think about the music today, and the messages or the lack there of?

Silkk: Now it seems like anyone with a gold chain can BE like, “I wanna make a record.” I look at icons like Method Man, who’s still touring til this day, I look at people like Dr. Dre or Jay Z, or LL. I remember when LL would drop a record and for six months all you would hear was LL, or when EPMD would drop something all you would hear is them. And it was good music. You knew that there were icons BEing made, like Tupac. I mean you liked their music, but also you liked them. But now it’s you’re there and then you gone, and somehow I feel that we have to get back to making stars.

BE MAG: That’s real man. So what should we BE on the lookout for from you?

Silkk: Well the album, I got a fashion line that should BE out around the first quarter, I wrote a few children’s books. I’m working on another book for my community about education. I’m trying to give back to my community; I’m heavy into philanthropy work

BE MAG: Any final words of wisdom that you would like to leave the fans with?

Silkk: For everybody out there that’s trying to do it man know that whatever you put into life that’s what you’re going to get back. I also respect the guys that are coming up, on their grind and not taking the easy way out. I’m on the road a lot and it’s good to see that the fans still support what I’m doing.

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