BEyond the Turntables with DJ Scrilla by Redd Alexander

There is only 1 reason we go out to the bars and clubs..the MUSIC. Of course, drinking and socializing is on the agenda, that’s a given, but when the vibration from the bass starts pulsating through you like electricity making your neck snap back and fourth, you know you’re going to have a good time. So when I walked into Rain Nightclub & Lounge, I expected to have that feeling, but what I got was so much more. Song after song, hot mixes poured from the speakers and moved the crowd not only on the dance floor, but thoughout the club. Needless to say, by the end of the night I had sweat out everything I had to drink. I had to meet the person that started me drunk and ended with me soBEr. As I approached the DJ booth pointing at my wet Polo asking “who do I thank for this?” a tall, slim dude with braids turns around with a smile and says ” What’s up, I’m DJ Scrilla.”

BEing a freelance writer & publicist, I had to know more about the man that caused me to step to every BEat all night. After exchanging pleasantries we started a conversation while he was breaking down his equipment. I had a chance to find out about the new “GO DJ” of ATL. My analysis: I think this talented brother is going to go far in the entertainment industry.

20120202-093913.jpgSo you do this every night?
• Scrilla: Yeah man, 5 sometimes 6 nights a week.

Whoa! when do you sleep?
• Scrilla: *laughs* During the day.. I have blackout blinds.

Do you sleep until its time for the next gig?
• Scrilla: Sometimes. If I have something to do the day after I just set my alarm so I can get up and take care of business.

Sounds like you’re used to it.
• Scrilla: Yeah I am.

Are you from Atlanta?
• Scrilla: No sir, I’m born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I moved here in 2003.

Ok. So what brought you to Atlanta?
• Scrilla: I had the opportunity to work as a producer with a group but it fell through mid production.

And you just decided to stay?
• Scrilla: I really had no choice. There wasn’t any jobs back home plus I wanted to try something new. Also Atlanta has some of the BEst music being produced & is the mecca of the south entertainment industry.

I see that its paying off.
• Scrilla: Yeah its starting to. I didn’t think after high school Deejaying would be paying the bills but it’s the reality I live.

You finished high school, that’s awesome!
• Yeah I graduated Belleville High School in Detroit and did a few years of college before moving here.

Have you had any deejaying experience prior to now?
• I used to dj school dances and neighborhood parties before I got to this level. I used to mix with a sound board and 2 cd/dvd players *laughs* some 15s I found and built a box for and a carpeted 18″ subwoofer. I was on some hood **** back then but it got the job done. Then I started making beats for people that was trying to get into the industry.

*laughs* Wow. So did anyone inspire you to become more of a dedicated dj?
• Scrilla: Dj Maestro.

• Scrilla: Yeah I used to pass out flyers for the club promoters for extra cash. Afterwards I would go to the club and sit in the Dj booth and watch him play. Then I got some professional equipment and started practicing. Til this day he still be on me about perfecting my craft. He my mentor & I look up to him like a big brother.


What would you be doing if you weren’t a DJ?
• Scrilla: I go to school for engineering now but probably working a 9-5 office job. I like technology.

*laughs* I’m sure you rather this though?
• Scrilla: Oh yeah I love my job!!

What is a average day for you?
• Scrilla: Im a gamer

• *laughs* yeah, PS3 (Modern Warfare) other than that I sleep when I can, web surf..check out new music, work on my own music, always thinking about the next level I want to achieve.

What do you hope to accomplish in the entertainment industry?
• Scrilla: I want to be a trendsetter. I can work with anybody that wants to bring something different to the music scene because I feel I bring something different to the scene. I also intend to have my own record label, radio show and charities.

20120202-093940.jpgWhat can the people expect from you?
• Scrilla: The BEst is what I strive for everyday. Its all or nothing from start to finish with me.

Are you currently working on any projects?
• Scrilla: Im releasing a mixtape MLK Weekend which is also my birthday weekend. Also working on doing LIVE broadcasting from different venues.

Where can people hear you spin until then?
• Scrilla: You can catch me in Atlanta spinning at the hottest clubs ie. Primal, New York, RAIN, 91, Cream. Soon I may be in your city blazing up the speakers.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter?
• Scrilla: You can follow me @DjScrillaatl on Twitter or Facebook: Deejay Scrilla

I look forward to partying with you again.
• Most definitely!



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