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Think back to the mid to late 90’s (which might BE a little difficult for the youngsters reading this), an era when you couldn’t ride around your neighborhood without hearing terms like, “wobble, wobble”, “drop it like it’s hot”, and the grandaddy of em all, “bling bling”. While some merely fit in with the movement, New Orleans bred rapper Christopher “B.G.” Dorsey (along with the Hot Boyz) actually had a hand in creating it.

Ask any artist about their lifelong goal for their career and you can best bet that “longevity” ranks very high on the list. Unfortunately, not many get to fulfill that aspect of their destiny, which is not something that BG has ever worried about. From his beginnings as a Hot Boy group member, BG knew that he was destined to be on top, but the road to the top is one that nobody can guarantee, so we sat down with the Chopper City homie to get the inside scoop on growing from a boy to a man in a this eat you up-spit you out industry.

Most people don’t know, but B.G. was on the scene well before the Hot Boys were formed, dropping his 1st album True Story in 1995 at the prepubescent age of 11. B.G. was only a youngster on the harsh Uptown streets of New Orleans, but gained thorough respect through his wicked rhymes and mysterious vocals. By the time he was a teenager and had several more albums under his belt, “B Gizzle” was rolling hard with some of the other ill rappers New Orleans had to offer, namely Juvenile, Turk, and Lil Wayne. By Gizzle’s late teens he dropped his fifth studio album featuring the single, “Bling, Bling” which still brings him into the mindscapes of millions, and officially earned him platinum status on the Billboard Charts.
B.G. is currently in the studio grinding hard to get his 11th studio album Too Hood to be Hollywood out by the summer, which has to be one of the most highly-anticipated albums of the year. As if that isn’t enough to keep B Gizzle busy, he’s also gearing up for an equally anticipated Hot Boys reunion
“Man, it just feels good bruh. It just stills feel relevant. I’m on my 11th album, and for the streets to still be feeling me and embracing me, that don’t happen by accident. I really put it [music] into my life and really walked into it, so you know the people has watched my progress: my ups, my downs, my struggles, my progress, you know the whole nine yards.”
Back to the subject of longevity and transitioning from a child star to an adult one. BG can’t help but humbly brag on himself in regards to his track record of albums and years in the game. 

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“I’m just different, you know what I’m saying, I’m cut off a different tree. I rap about real life. I done seen it, done it, done been through it, and still going trough it. I been out here grinding since I was 11 years old, and the streets respect me. I ain’t never changed up, even from selling over 100,000 as an independent artist at 13, 14, 15, all the way to platinum plus at 17, 18, 19, 20 as a major. And then going back to independent, now moving back into the majors, it’s just I ain’t never, ever, ever changed. I been me all the way through.”



While B.G. has had an impeccable solo career, he is no stranger to the group game, as we all know from his stint(s) with the Hot Boys, but B.G. is also a founding member of the group Chopper City Boyz, who just recently dropped another album, “Live in the Concrete Jungle”, and is staying just as active dropping mixtape after mixtape.
As an adult, B.G. hasn’t always found it easy to maintain stability in the game, but has always proved to be the same skilled lyricist on any feature he jumped on, and in the studio creating the magic for his own project. Check out the rest of B.G.’s interview below, as he talks about his new album, gives advice to up and coming artists, and of course his relationship with Grand Hustle and T.I. You don’t want miss this so go ahead and click PLAY below to listen.

Check out B.G. featuring Cash Money Millionaires “Bling Bling”

Check out a video of Gizzle and his Hot Boyz crew in Atlanta, GA from back in the day, even BEfore BG dropped “Checkmate” in 2000.

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