Big Heed & Alien: Hip Hop’s Newest Duo

Alien and Big Heed are more than just two musically inclined individuals. In fact they’re a meting pot for a plethora of ideas when it comes to life and music.  With both admitting to being Documentary and TV Show junkies to the point where one quote can lead to the recounting of scene after scene with no end in site, they’re bringing something old but forgotten to Hip Hop and taking it back to being all about the music.


“We work well together,” starts Alien. “I maybe stuck in a certain spot and I can bounce something off of him and it will make me work harder while also seeing it from another angle.”


With Alien on the Drums and Big Heed on the Mic they make up a combination that works and hits our music generation smack dab in the middle. Gelling like this didn’t just happen for these two Atlanta bred artist who both started out solo.  It took some time and the belief and persistence of Rod Watson that made them see that they really had something different to offer as a team.


Having already proven their reach through a run as the house band on the popular BET show, 106 & Park they are the newest members of the Jive Records family and look forward to spreading their sound and music. As their new single, Tipsy begins to impact radio, Big Heed and Alien have a lot in store for those looking to become more familiar with their movement.  Having shot the video for their new single in Canada they both agree that this video, like them is like no other. Check it out BElow.

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