Bill Bellamy

Laughter is arguably the key to the soul (some say it’s musc), and if there’s any truth to that myth, Bill Bellamy has openly maintained secure in one aorta or the next. Bill Bellamy is Comedy! You can’t help but to snicker at first mention of his name. For decades Bellamy has been at the forefront of your funny bone & he has no plans of letting loose anytime soon.

“I feel like I’m on a roll right now. Things are going great. The comedy is on fire! People are really revisting me; some people say I’ve reinvented myself, but I feel like it’s all positive. Everything that’s going on is real real cool for me. Atlanta has been one of my favorite cities of all times; the real Chocolate City. I gotta give props to your city. My first tapng of Who’s Got Jokes was filmed right at the Civic Center in Atlanta, and that was my first season, and I’m on my fourth season now.”

When it comes to comedy, Bellemy reigns supreme with the legends of the game like Pryor, Cosby, Lawrence, Foxx, & Harris; in fact, he’s either been on stage or screen with most of them. From his beginnings of stand up on HBO’s Russel Simmons Def Comedy Jam, to holding the mic interviewing rising stars like Janet and Madonna on MTV Jams, Bellemy’s career can be noted as nothing shy of consistent/ He’s what’s known as a transitional artist, the real artist in motion. When he’s ready to try something new, nothing upon nothing will stop him from making that happen. The one thing he doesn’t joke about is making that bread, but will BE the first to let you know he’d do it for free…ok, scraps at least. But when you have the true talent to back up the means, money is never an issue. Bill has seen the BIG checks from the major movie roles, but can’t help but reminesce on the days when he was working the local clubs trying to get discovered.

The local club memories weren’t the only one’s Bill fostered when he chopped it up with BE Magazine. We took the time to discuss stories of when we were young and got “wrangled” by our mom (yup I admittedly have been caught by the wrath of the mama wrangle). For those that are wondering what “wrangle” means, Bill described it as…

“You remember when you’d BE in class actin a fool, and you didn’t even expect for your moms to BE there watching, and she’d roll up on you and yank you out that class. You already know what’s good when you get in that hallway, but she snatch you up so good that you gotta go back to class with your clothes all crooked, one shoe off, and missing a button. None of your friends wanted to look at you, but they knew you got wrangled. We live in a genereation now where you can’t do this, you can’t do that, but in our generation, mama’s was raw. Nobody was telling our mamas nothing. Man back in the day mama’s was real, they don’t even make mama’s like that no more. I’m really proud of how I came up. I know it was hard, but we came up from nothing…no money, no nothing, and I still made it. So I what I’m really trying to say is those values are good. I got kids too & ain’t nothing wrong with a good wrangle…I see you haven’t forgotten yours.”

Bellamy is gearing up for some huge, yet economical things that’ll leave fans feeling even closer to him and his artistry. Currently, Bellamy is filming the fourth season of Who’s Got Jokes, and is also coming back with another season of Last Man Standing. Bill also has a family comedy on CBS due to drop, with high anticipations to BE a “black family on primetime television”.

“I feel like it’s time and it’s neccessary. We need some representation out there BE”

Take a second to listen to Bill Bellamy shout out all of the little people that has paved the way…you know LITTLE folk like Jeezy, TI, Luda (LOL). Yup, you know he takes another minute to shout out the A. We salute you too & can’t until you let the cat out of the bag on your next BIG thing…

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