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One morning a young wakes with a smile on her face, a glimmer in her eye, and butterflies in her heart. All of this is a direct reaction to the moment she dreams of her wedding day. The day that she walks down the isle with the one she loves and plans to walk off into eternal bliss to build an amazing future. Some may say that the dreams are for hopeless romantic but then there are men that arrive on the preverbial white horse. For the single hearted, we must continue to hold on to our hopes and faith in the day that our lives are married to the one we love. I to dream of the day that I will find that one to share my dreams of companionship and matrimony. With nothing short of a whimsical event in mind, I had the pleasure of chatting with Mary Chatman, CEO of BlackBride.com – a new online resource for brides of color.

BE-Style: How did you get the idea to begin BlackBride.com?

BB: BlackBride.com approached me early last year to be a freelance writer in the area of romance. I wrote about methods to keep the romance alive and well within your marriage. Later in the year, it was up for acquisition and it just made sense to acquire it since I was already writing for the company/site. I’m a marriage advocate and a hopeful romantic and have always had a soft spot for all things bridal. I could get married to my sweetheart over and over again, of course in a new gown!

BE-Style: What are some emerging trends or designs we can expect to see 2012?

BB: Actually, thanks to Prince William & Kate, Victorian gowns are making a big comeback. Emerging trends dictate that you’ll see vibrant, elaborate details. For an example, with many gowns, you’ll see unique illusion style necklines with sheer delicate layering, soft and romantic fabric, and lots of ruffles.  You’ll also see peplum details that are exaggerated and super flattering, in that, the top tier is a great way to camouflage areas you may not want to expose.  Underlying fabrication either as a visible hemline or a lavish sash that’s swoops over the bodice or lovely detail along the bodice is also popular for 2012. In terms of color, as in the recent past, weddings are more colorful than ever. You can expect for the trend to continue and be the case as brides are using colors like azure blues, deep pinks, and bright yellow. They are pairing these bright colors with soft pastels and colors like brown, green and beige.

BE-Style: How should a woman go about choosing a wedding planner?

BB: When choosing a planner you should always listen to your gut. Make sure when you are interviewing, you not only ask about their background in wedding planning and specific examples of how they work under pressure, but also pay attention to how you all vibe. Your wedding planner is the vendor and you’ll be spending lots of time with whomever you choose so it’s important to pick someone who’s compatible with you and your fiancé.

BE-Style: How does a woman know when she has found the right gown?

BB: Most women know when they find THE dress as soon as they put it on. It should reflect the bride’s personality as well as accentuate her most attractive features while concealing her shortcomings.

BE-Style: Tell me about the charity dress give-away.

BB: We are donating a bridal gown to Brides Against Breast Cancer, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping brides diagnosed with cancer make their wedding dream dress come true as best we can. It’s an organization very near and dear to our hearts.

BE-Style: What are the steps to having the perfect wedding day?

BB: A perfect wedding is almost like an oxymoron. No matter how much you plan, inevitably things will go wrong and things won’t go “perfectly” as planned. However, having a quick thinking planner by your side will help you stay focused on what’s most important about that special day: Celebrating the love between you and your partner with your family and friends. And ultimately that is the key to having a “perfect” wedding.

BE-Style: Do you believe a man should still ask his prospective bride’s father for her hand in marriage?

BB: I personally love the idea of a man asking the father for permission. It might be a dated tradition but I think even today it’s a sign of respect, and a great way to build a bond with his future father-in-law.

BE-Style: When would one know that they have found the ideal person to enter into matrimony?

BB: I believe that above all else, your mate in life should be your best friend.  I don’t think it’s necessary to have everything in common with each other. In fact, some of the longest lasting relationships are between couples that are complete opposites.  However, there does need to be a basic understanding and agreement on the fundamentals. Things like child rearing, money management, and religion should be things couples agreed upon or have reached a healthy compromise. When you find someone who is the first person you want to tell your good and bad news to, loves your flaws and all, and with whom you share a mutual respect for, I think, you’ve found the person to enter in to matrimony with.

BE-Style: What are all of the services available through BlackBride.com?

BB: Our mission is to provide support for culturally diverse brides, serving as a unique one-stop resource to enable couples to capture the essence of their journey, marry their personal style to the momentous occasion, and truly have a wedding experience they may call their own. In addition to all that, we also provide post support for newly married couples through our “After the Aisle” section, available to members only on BlackBride.com.

BE-Style: Is there a final thought for our future bride and grooms?

BB: It may sound cliché but communication is key. It is truly the, not so secretive, key to a happy marriage. That and of course true love and respect for your partner.


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