Bless Roxwell


Bless Roxwell, a cover girl MC in the making met up with me for coffee and to give me and her audience an insight of how this Boston native came to Brooklyn, NY determined to pursue her career in the Hip Hop industry.

Raised by a single parent and having only one sibling, this phenomenal MC started her journey in the hip hop industry 15 years ago, and after having 2 albums under her belt she’s managed to become a well known MC in NYC, on YouTube, her blogs, and her showcase called “She so Fresh” which is also known as a platform for what she believes gives other female MCs a spotlight in this male dominated hip hop game. Focused on today and where she wants to be, Bless has the “Go get em tiger” attitude, which blends well being with Blackout, an independent label and the ability to blueprint her own business JAG (Just A Girl).

Bless plans to make a conjunction between music and media, showing the world  not only can her career run with the best, but to also provide means for any female MC to showcase their skills. “Everything at this moment is as it should be” a motto Bless mentions throughout the interview, which gives her the drive to enable herself to have and keep a voice. She mentions the personal brick wall she had to overcome which was her self doubt, a hurdle that brought a record called “Van Helsing” a metaphor that speaks to everyone’s struggle. Bless Roxwell’s humble, always happy attitude, along with her strong NYC grind, gave me reason to believe that she has what it takes to make it.



Look out for her mix tape called “Revolutions” to be out around Thanksgiving, as well as her 2nd “She’s so Fresh Showcase” featuring various female MCs.

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