Bmore’s Skull Squad Posse

The “Skullahz” are a group of four brothers from the city of Baltimore. Each member started out as solo artist and met through mutual friends. They decided in 2012 to team and become the Skull Squad Posse, a super group packed with mega talent.  The members of the group are Johnny “Stoney” Austin, Antonio “Luchinni Ace” Ervin, D’Mane “Dreadz” Ervin and Tavon “Trillz” Thomas. studioEach member has his own musical style, standpoint, and delivery. Each member of the group brings something unique to the team that when it comes together makes each song something extraordinary. For instance Stoney brings that necessary hype, killer fashion sense and mysteriousness, Trillz has that boldness, the brass, the balance, and the baritone, Luchinni Ace gives that consistent flow, raw old school hip hop flavor, and consciousness and without Dreadz and his new school/old school skulltastic beats giving the group that quirkiness with his flow. The Skullahz are very well known all around the Baltimore City Area and are constantly doing shows to keep the Skull Squad Posse alive. They put their all into what they do and it shows in every song, every performance and appearance.  Some might ask “what makes them so different from other groups past or present in the hip hop game?” The answer is simple “they just are!” Skull Squad Posse is looking to transcend just the DMV and takeover the rap game.

Below is the video for the single “Friday The 13th”…ENJOY!


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