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BE Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Jason Dinsmore had the honor of sitting down with Atlanta’s own and first ever BE Mag cover artist, Bobby V for a candid and personal conversation about the direction of his new release Peach Moon, his inspirations, and the future of Bobby V.

When asked about his recent EP release Peach Moon, Bobby V takes his fans and music connoisseurs on a journey of live instrumentation and vocal essence, something that is missing in today’s music. Peach Moon purpose is to maintain his current fan base and attract a new wave of Bobby V fans and music lovers who appreciate live instrumentation.


Back to Love, one of his favorite tracks is inspired by some of his favorite old school R& B artists who made music using live bands as well: Mint Condition, D’Angelo, Musiq Soul Child, Lyfe Jennings, amongst others. When asked about the process from Blue Collar to Peach Moon, Bobby V wants his fans to know that he is still making music that soothes the soul and the musical palette. Additionally, understanding that the process is taking the good with the bad inspires Bobby V to continue to make timeless music.

When asked how he remains relevant in a fickle industry, he stated that it is important to remain connected and establish relationships with other artists and continue to work hard.

In case our readers didn’t know, Peach Moon, Bobby V’s current release is an EP. Fans can expect a full deluxe album with six additional songs early summer. In the meantime, you can stay connected with Bobby V on social media IG @therealbobbyV FB: bobbyvmusic and Tweet tWEET on twitter BobbyV.

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Written by Braylon J. Gorman

Producers: KB Creative Group

Director: Bernard Love

Photographer: Derek Hightower

Model: Alexx Amon

Stylist: Dallas Wright/Carey Powers/Carter James

Hair/Make Up: Hollywood the Barber/Kellon Deryck/Para Sharde

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