Brandon Hines: So So Def’s New Duke

Every now and then you come across an artist that shows you an obvious conviction to BE great. From the first time you see them on stage, they speak to your ears in a way that makes you know that they’re going to BE huge. Singer/Songwriter Brandon Hines fits the exact bill. He’s signed to Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def laBEl, and is a bonafide BEast when it comes to ripping a track and a stage.

The first time I heard Brandon Hines perform was at ATL Live on the Park a few months ago. He didn’t boastfully move about the stage, or break down a bunch of new dance moves, but instead, he stood in pretty much one place and really made a powerful connection with the audience. To BE honest, the ladies loved it. I saw many of them fanning themselves and asking around, “who is he…”. The Detroit, Michigan native was so on point, that he was asked to perform another song by his manager JD, and he again killed the stage & left the crowd wanting more. “I have many different performance styles, but for that particular performance, I really wanted to connect with the audience. That was my 1st time really performing inb the A after linking with JD and BEing signed to Epic, so I really wanted it to BE about the music and the audience.”

With Brandon really BEing passionate about his music, we really wanted to know how he’d coin he musical style. “I come from a history of great music. My musical style is soul with a little bit of R&B, with a little bit of rock and roll and hip hop in there. I have an infused type of style with soul BEing the common thread.” Soul is certainly present in Brandon’s music. His raspy masculine voice is reminiscent of those native Motown soul singers that preceeded him.

Although Brandon Hines has a song featured on the ‘Think Like a Man” soundtrack, it’s refreshing that he’s still considered a new artist; one with a blatant passion for the industry. “I’m looking forward to honing my craft and going through different experiences to learnm as much as I can.”

Brandon & JD are currently in the studio grinding out B.Hines’ debut album. Brandon recognizes that he only gets one first time, and really wants to make sure he takes his time in creating something that’ll speak to everyone. He knows that he’s blessed to BE in a situation working with JD & can’t help but recall what it was like meeting his mentor. “I linked up with JD initially through Joe “the Butcher” Nicholo, and then I got the opportunity to work with him after he checked out some of my music. It’s BEen a great opportunity. Riht now, we’re working on my album and just having fun on the rise to making it big.”

Brandon and JD didnt want to spill too many of the BEans regarding his debut album. “I just want it to relate. It’s something uplifting and will BE a lot of fun,” Brandon says containing himself from giving me more…even though I could tell he wanted to.

Brandon has traveled all over the US and has gathered a bunch of musical experiences that he plans on bringing to the table on his album. When asked where most of his style will come from, Jermaine Dupri anxiously chimed in, “it’s going to be hard to coin his style in one place. He’s really a combination of four different music bases. He’s from Detroit, but people almost want him to claim D.C since he went to Howard. Atlanta is like the last of his spots since he’s new here, but when we finish recording, I plan to take him out around the A to see some things since we’ve BEen in the studio so much; we’ll probably hit Compound.”

Working with JD has BEen very inspiring and encouraging for Brandon. It really inspires him to work hard to BE on the same calibur as the other great artists that have come thru So So Def. BE on the lookout for lots from Brandon Hines in the recent future & make sure you follow both him (@BHinestheReal) & Jermaine Dupri (@Mr_Dupri) on Twitter.

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