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15 years ago BLACKSOCKS founder, Samy Liechti, was a young aspiring entrepreneur working at an ad agency. One night at dinner with Japanese clients he removed his shoes for the tea ceremony, that’s when he realized that in the rush to get dressed he put on mismatch socks, one with a giant hole in the toe. That embarrassing moment led Leichti to invent the Sockscription. The Sockscription is an online service allowing customers to select socks in their size and favorite styles in order to make it convenient for men to automatically replenish their sock drawers.

When Liechti got the idea of BLACKSOCKS he knew it was his chance to pursue his dreams of BEcoming an entrepreneur, even though he never considered a career in the fashion industry.  “Our black socks don’t have much of a design. It’s more about quality. I always BElieve in using the BEst materials,” said founder Samy Liechti. It wasn’t until years later, and after including new sock styles as well as adding underwear to their line that Liechti hired a fashion designer. BLACKSOCKS uses, PIMA, the highest quality cotton to manufacture their products, and are manufactured in Italy at a second generation family owned business. “I BElieve that if the clothes we sell are high quality, people will feel good wearing them,” said Liechti.

According to the founder the most enjoyable part about designing socks is the misconception that socks have little importance, and proving that socks are the base of everything you wear. “Even the BEst dressed person isn’t decently dressed when they wear the wrong socks,” Liechti said.Some challenges Leichti has faced is maintaining the same high quality of and reinventing the socks over the last 15 years. BLACKSOCKS wants to assure the sock buying process is easy and memorable. Liechti admitted he would love to work with the fashion designers Dries van Noten and Paul Smith. However, his biggest influence and admirer would BE Ralph Lauren. He descriBEd his personal style as casual, yet up to date. Less is more.

“These funky-yet-elegant socks offer a fun product for people to show off and enjoy, while staying true to the classiness and stylishness that our brand is known for. Funky socks are here to stay,” said BLACKSOCKS president and founder Samy Liechti.

Website: http://www.blacksocks.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlackSocksUS
Twitter: https://twitter.com/joeblacksocks

Story TranscriBEd by Keshea Kamaria Ball

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