Brothers Tied for Life introduces B.O.W.T.I.E Lifestyle during 2 Year anniversary

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This past week Jeremiah Woods ,owner of Brothers Tied for Life celebrated his 2 year anniversary in a big way. Introducing all of his guests to his “B.O.W.T.I.E. Lifestyle”(It is living a life making Bold and Optimistic decisions that are Wise, Tangible, Impactful and Effective. ) which is also the name of the book he announced he is in the process of writing. This celebration was hosted by Vincent Martinez also known as Mr Fashionado.  BE100 Radio’s DJ Waffles who is also a brand ambassador for the BTFL Brand kept the crowd moving during the event and Johnnie Winston of JW Exclusive prepared amazing bites. During the event Guest were treated to a fashion show feature some of BTFL’s new products and special performances by The Marie Effect, JAG, COG’s and J. Houston . Showing up to show their love and support included Sarah Lowe (Selling It:in the ATL), David Shands ( Sleep is 4 Suckers) ,Dr. Joy Edwards, Letonya Moore ( The Champion Brand, TV Host, Attorney), Tiara Owens (The Imperial Brand) and many more.

Here is what Jeremiah had to say about the anniversary event. “The two year anniversary for Brothers Tied For Life was a huge success and for that reason I am eternally grateful. I started this journey at the young age of 19, and two years later at the tender age of 21, a movement has started that has allowed me to reach so many people. It has given me the freedom to express myself through art.”

Special Thanks to Say Cheese ATLANTA , Saga Photos, VEU Magazine, Quente’Sential Branding, JW Exclusive, The B Loft and Fire Bartending.

For More information visit. www.BrothersTiedforLife.com

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