Trading 16 bars for 52 shades of blue


Getting tired of looking at the same old, tired, run down urban clothing in the shops? Well there are some musicians turned designers on the scene that are quickly moving old artists/designers or the face of a brand. For decades, it has BEen a continual conversation amongst enthusiast, questioning the impact musicians have on the fashion industry. At this point, it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out the correlation. Many are now juggling multifaceted careers in both music and fashion, while others have given up writing 16 bars and a catchy hook to learn the 52 shades blue (Azure vs Ultramarine vs Carolina Blue) and impact the world through other creative means, i.e. BEcome a fashion designer, interior designer, and even a perfumer .

n blue to  such at Rocawear (Jay Z) and Enyce (Diddy) out on the corner. One of these musicians turned designer is none other than, New York native, A$AP Rocky. A$AP Rocky and his A$AP Mob clothing line have BEen on the steady rise and take over lately. The line uses a lot of black in almost all of its pieces, making it a color neutral and safe selection for many people who are trying to be “Dope” but want to play it safe. A$AP Mob clothing line is definitely one to look out for in the clubs this summer.

 img-aap-rocky-06_175310536331 a73c9f776f7349d3fd31a6da293ad18c

Now… If we are going to converse on “Dope” clothing, the man to discuss is Pharrell Williams. I doubt there is anyone left on earth who doesn’t know about Pharrell’s clothing line but we will definitely fill you in if you don’t. Pharrell is the co-owner and one of the designers for Billionaires Boys Club. He is also a co-owner and designer for the “I am other” men’s line. With all the excitement I just gained from thinking of the awesome clothing lines, I almost forgot that Pharrell is also owner of the Ice Cream clothing line. But as always, nothing less than impressive is expected from Pharrell. I mean, anyone who can take a purple, crocodile Hermes bag and make it the trending statement in the men’s fashion world can definitely handle having their creative engines & running for multiple clothing lines.

uniqlo-pharrell-williams-i-am-other-1 i-am-other-x-bbc-x-club-75-x-clot-2013-blohk-party-capsule-collection-2 pharrell-williams-i-am-other-uniqlo-ut-collection-1-960x640

But we can’t give the men all the credit, especially not when you have Victoria BEckham on the scene with her self-named clothing line. Victoria BEckham’s designs range in everything from Ready-to-wear pieces, to eyewear, and accessories. The Victoria BEckham brand has BEcome synonymous with accessibility and wearable for any occasions. Heck, she even has ensembles that resemble tennis wear. Who knows, we may actually see her designs on the court during 2014’s Wimbledon’s championships.

victoria-beckham-seo-compo9 VICTORIA-BECKHAM-g_1713799a Victoria-beckham-dress-coll victoria-beckham_1296640c VBDresses2011 remote_image_1328688108 13396416261

Basically, Musicians are now making it known that they can do more than sing and rap. They can also design clothes, and we agree BEcause we are all sparing no expense to buy whatever trend the push.

By: Jeffrey Young/BE-Style/SC Contributor

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