California Swag District

Radio has been on fire with a hit that has everybody bouncing and really wondering how to get their “dougie” on, and four fellas are highly responsible for this act. M Bone, C Smooth The General, Yung, and Jay-are have come together to form the hip hop group California Swag District (CSD), and have instantly coined a hit with their debut single “Teach Me How to Dougie”. The song’s hypnotic drum beat and catchy high schoolish hook has the club scene & radio world going bananas over the new wave of music.

BE Entertained Magazine caught up with the members of Cali Swag District while they were on the set filming the video for “Teach Me How to Dougie” to find out more about the hit single, the actual group, and where they plan on taking the CSD movement.

“Teach Me How To Dougie” BTS Video Interview

We quickly found a group of energetic young dudes who were extra hype (or hyphy as they put it) to be not only filming their debut video, but to be impacting the new nation of hip hop in such a strong manner. Not only are the members all rappers, they are ready to solidify themselves as well respected writers, choreographers, and all around GRINDERS!!!! CDS understands that respect is not something easily given, but they’re doing their part to network and sit beside counterparts who are equally paralleling their plight to rise to the top. Joining CSD on the “Teach Me How to Dougie” set was fellow west coasters New Boyz, and Teyanna Taylor.

Cali Swag District has stuck a gold mine with their high school fan base & fully plans on using that given love to their advantage. CSD consistently performs shows at high schools & certainly are no strangers to a platform that lots of high school students use in their free time…YouTube. There are a number of viral videos going around showing various styles of how to do the Dougie…which seems to be holding anxious fans over until CSD releases the actual video.



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