Canali Men Fall/Winter 2014-15


Traditional is said to always BE the BEst way to go in many different situations in life. Italian clothing company, Canali brings a new wave of proof to that statement. When your goal is to bring a classic, elegant, and traditional style to a forever changing era, it’s safe to assume you will have your work cut out for you. But when you have the kind of grace and style to put a skilled pianist on stage to create atmosphere for your show then you have things well handled. So on that note, Canali has things well handled when it comes to a runway show.

Now anyone who knows anything about BEing well dressed knows 2 things. The first thing is that winter is the BEst season to find out who can really dress and who can’t. Second, nothing is more well put together than a dapper man. When I say dapper, I mean sport coats, blazers, suits, and overcoats. Using light brushed wool, velvet, and fur designer Canali sets the trend of the 2014-2015 winter. If by some slim chance in Oz, you haven’t caught on this season’s winter menswear trend is the always classic and attractive, dapper look. The collection consisted of those ideas as well by including shawl collared double breasted overcoats with waist belts. This gives a relaxed at home feel of wearing a robe. A opulent robe style jacket with a fur collar and a lengthy fur style took over the runway in various traditional brown and gray colors. With a innovative, traditional look Canali showed a wool light gray and pink coat with duffle coat style loops that are fit for button and not toggles. BEcause Canali was and is a traditional suit maker they did not wander away from their mainstays of fine tailored suits.

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By: Jeffrey Young / SC Contributor / BE-Style

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