Carlysia Levert: The Legacy Continues…

She came into the world as the daughter and granddaughter of Legends. She Grabbed her own spotlight and our hearts when she appeared on MTV’s hit TV show, “My Super Sweet 16. Now transitioning from Sweet 16 to Grown and sexy 21, BE magazine sits down with future legend, and multi-talented Carlysia Levert. She shares her story, her heartaches and her rise to the top. As the Legacy continues we get a chance to see the determination of a Woman who has so much to give. He Sound, Her Smile and Her Style.

Partnering up with kids of some of the biggest stars, Carlysia sets out to create her own lane that you will BE sure to pay attention to. She Is Carlysia Levert, Daughter, Songwriter, Singer, and Woman.


BE Magazine – You’ve seen her all over the TV as she appeared on “MTV’s My Super Sweet 16” IM sure you will see her again real soon. It’s the legend in her own right. Carlysia Levert.

Carlysia- What’s going on, how are you??

BE Magazine – I’m good, excited to finally get you featured. It’s long overdue. I know you have lots going on. I’ve been seeing the buzz on twitter. Did you release a new song?? What’s the story behind that???

Carlysia – We put out a song that I co wrote with my team, 50/50 music group and it was featured on BET’S the game. Actually one of its best episodes. It was my first TV show placement and they played the entire song which was exciting.

BE Magazine – I know it went around twitter hugely, congrats that’s really dope. Now you just shut Atlanta down with one of the most swanked out partied I have ever been to with the Hello Kitty Theme

Carlysia – Yes..Playboy and Hello Kitty.

BE Magazine – How does it feel to be 21 and BE shown so much love from your city?

Carlysia – It feels amazing. I love the fact that I still have so much love BEing given to me at this point in my life. It’s been 6 years since I have been on sweet 16. It’s amazing to know that people still look for me and are waiting on me to do major things. The support is a great feeling.

BE Magazine – how did it feel to venture back in time and have Sammie sing to you on your birthday again after all of these years

Carlysia – It was great. I must shout out Unknown celebrity PR. I told Wynter, my Publicist, that I wanted a big 21st birthday party . I have looked forward to that since I was little. Going from sweet 16, to losing my father, and not having the same type of effects on my bday such as not having my dad there, I wanted to bring in my 21st with a bang. I wanted it to be big, major; I wanted everyone to come out. She made it happen and everyone came out to support. It was amazing

BE Magazine – Wynter has it going on, we must salute her. To lose your fathers, most people can’t even imagine. To see your success stories and to see you striving and pushing forward

Carlysia – Yes, I think that is what made us connect on a deeper level. We’ve experienced the same things. She is The

BE Magazine – One of the first times I met you, you were speaking of the celebrity kid’s movement, how is that coming along? Are you still trying to push that since there are so many celebrity kids out here???

Carlysia- I call it Young Hollywood. It’s a lot of us who are around the same age. I feel as though if we all come together since most of us are trying to venture into entertainment. Singing , acting, writing , models. The majority of us are trying to go into music. We love our parents, but not under our parents light. Show people that the talent can be passed down generations but we are our own person and can bring a completely different vibe to the music industry. if we all work together then we can tear this industry apart. The industry has changed. The different minds and creativity we have, if we put it together it would be crazy. We are working on a reality show. It’s about celebrity girls who are making their own way.

BE Magazine – What else is going on , now that you’re the grown and sexy Carlysia

Carlysia- Look for a lot of my music through a lot of different artists. Look for my music. I’m working hard to put together an album with my team, my manager prophet who pushes us hard. Look out for my lyrics, songs, me on your TV screens and in the public eye… just look out. Everything Carlysia Levert. if you want to contact me about music or anything that’s how you can find me.

BE Magazine – We know your father is looking down smiling every day. Keep up all the good work. Anything you need from us just let us know.

Carlysia – shout out to BE magazine, thank you so much. you guys support and i appreciate it. thanks for everything.

BE Magazine – a lot more to come, we have your back and will always support you. Look forward to it all.

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