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Bmore’s Skull Squad Posse

January 12th 2014

They put their all into what they do and it shows in every song, every performance and appearance. Some might ask “what makes them so different from other groups past or present in the hip hop game?” The answer is simple “they just are!”

RHOA’s Phaedra Parks #SouthernBelleSecrets Ultimate Giveaway

October 25th 2013

You don’t have to live in the south to act like a Southern Lady! Real Housewives of Atlanta star PHAEDRA PARKS, self made business titan and mother of two, announces her #SouthernBelleSecrets pre-order giveaway! Fans can get insight into the world of Southern Belle fashion, etiquette, dating and tackling the workplace without breaking a sweat by entering […]

#NYFW | Helen Yarmak SS 14 Fur Collection

September 10th 2013

Attending posh presentations like Helen Yarmak’s fabulous Spring Summer 2014 Collection is what the prime of New York Fashion Week is all about. Penthouse, timeless classic models intertwined with today’s hottest faces, high end celebs, & blinged out jewels, and of course enough swanked out furs to send PETA on a tangent for years to […]

BE Up Next: Meet Antonio Ramsey

January 29th 2013

Every time I am asked to conduct an music interview, I am more than happy to do so simply BEcause music has played a triumphant role in my life, and I jump at the opportunity to hear and write about how music has shaped one’s life. I was privileged to interview upcoming R&B artist, Antonio Ramsey. Here’s a glimpse into our conversation:

Passion and Music: Introducing Libra

January 29th 2013

Passion can BE defined as an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. That something can range from art, writing, music, to fashion. Whether or not one chooses to cultivate that particular innate passion, is a question that we all have to ask ourselves. Most specifically, performing artist, Libra has not only has decided to embrace his craft, but to chase it wholeheartedly.

BE Up Next: Introducing David Fuller

January 20th 2013

Has anyone been deemed as the Marvin Gaye of our time yet? Hands down David Fuller is the perfect candidate.

BE up Next: Elite Noel

August 3rd 2011

Bursting onto the scene as the long lost Daughter of Frankie Lons and Sister of Keyshia Cole, we hardly got the chance to see Elite Noel as she really was, even with her serving as co-star of the hit BEt Shows Keyshia Cole’s “The Way It Is” and the “Neffe and Frankie Show“. Now she’s giving you the chance to know exactly who she is….The Mother, the Daughter, The Sister,The Artist.. she is Elite Noel.

BE Up Next: HQ – Firestarter by Carlton Wade

June 29th 2011

A hit record is sometimes like a wildfire. Many are ignited with merely a small spark. But that spark continually grows uncontrollably and catches on until the force is unable to be contained within one area. Nothing can stop the fiery flames from engulfing everything that comes within reach. Such is the case with G.O.A.T Entertainment/ Fontana/ Universal’s newest artist HQ.

Vedo the Singer: The Star …by Daon Drisdom

June 28th 2011

18 years old, born Wilbart McCoy III, Michigan raised, dancer, rising R&B and POP singer. These are the things that come to mind when you hear the name Vedo The Singer. Starting at an early age, the young energetic artist’s mom recognized the gift that was embedded in Vedo and BEgan to request for him to sing to help him develop and embrace his wonderful talents.

BE Magazine & OG XO Brandy Present #BEoriginal w/ Tiffany Evans [Contest Winners Revealed]

June 17th 2011

BE Our Guest on June 24th at Mood Lounge as The Buckhead House Party transforms into #BEoriginal, BE Entertained Magazine’s Summer 2011 Young & Sexy Print Issue Release Party. BE Cover Artist Tiffany Evans will BE on hand signing a few autographed copies & getting her VIP treatment on with a few of her BIGGEST fans!

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