Celebrity Kids on the Rise – A New Wave of Stars

20/20 Vision Media

There’s a new wave of fornt runners ready to take their placement in the lime light, but if you take a close look, you’ll quickly discover a similarity in this group that makes them stick out from the rest. These are today’s celebrity kids and BElieve me, they are more than ready for their take over. Peep some of the pics below, and click on the DivShare link to hear an interview I had with Carlisia Levert, the daughter of late/great Geral Levert. She’s more than repping hard for this group of “celebutants” that we can’t help but continue see gracing the big and small screens, getting major record (and other) deals, and of course making their way right into your hearts.

Vanessa & Angela Simmons Willow & Jayden Smith Zoe Kravitz Rich Hill (Hilfiger)

Aaron Reid Miley Cyrus

Carlysia & LeMicah  Levert

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