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I have to believe that the idiom, “Don’t reinvent the wheel, just perfect it” is nothing less than a true statement when I see such amazing talents soaring in a particular industry. Photography has been a craft for many years now, once used to capture great family moments and the only force that could freeze time, has grown to be a multibillion dollar industry of glamor, paparazzi, self indulgence, and art. From the veterans of this craft to the next era of talents have found new and impressive ways to meet the needs of their clients and open our eyes to beautiful captions of time. The BE-Style radar definitely honed in on the talents of Chad Finley.

Mr. Chad Finley is a native of West Palm Beach, FL; currently residing in Atlanta, GA. Mr. Finley  pursued a higher education at Florida A&M University where he majored in Graphic Design and minored in Photography. Finley gained an abundance of knowledge while studying at FAMU and interning at internationally known magazines; InSpire Magazine in Tallahassee, FL and VIBE Magazine in New York City. Upon graduating Cum Laude in 2008, Mr. Finley relocated to Atlanta, GA. Since graduation, Chad has made major strides in his career of visual arts by obtaining jobs with the United States government, various entertainment companies, having his images and graphics published in numerous magazines and becoming a beauty / fashion photographer. Chads’ photography company, Finley Fotos, celebrated it’s official launch in Atlanta, GA on June 27, 2010.

Finleys’ photography focuses around 3 main principles: Colour, Creativity and Vision. Finley specializes in beauty and digital manipulation; and is known for his extraordinary use of vivid color. Chads’ God given vision is the fuel behind Finley Fotos.

BE-Style: When did you know or decide that photography was your passion/gift?
CF: In 2007, about a year after I begun studying photography I realized this was something I was meant to do.

BE-Style: Who are the photographers that you admire most?
CF: I admire fashion photographers such as Terry Tsiolis, Steven Meisel, Mike Ruiz, Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott; to name a few.

BE-Style: What inspires you when trying to develop ideas/treatments for a shoot?
CF: Magazines / Tear Sheets. I study a lot, everyday actually; I study photographs that catches my eye. I like to stay up on what’s new in fashion photography (lighting, composition, models, etc.). I also study to see what’s new in fashion; all of this inspires me.

BE-Style: It seems that most your work is done digitally but do you ever go back to vintage style of film?
CF: Yes, I did earlier this year when I shot a black and white editorial shoot; I don’t shot with film often. Digital photography is and was a great invention but it never hurts to go back to the basics.

BE-Style: What are your future hopes for Finley Fotos?
CF: I plan on continuing to build upon my business and expand my services to other cities, as well as, overseas. I’m in the process of taking my photography business more in the fashion realm.

BE-Style: I see that Amiyah Scott is somewhat of your muse, what other beauties do you enjoy working with?
CF: Yes she definitely is. I’ve recently enjoyed shooting a 19 year old, fresh-face model, in Atlanta named Chelsea Elisha. She’s only been modeling for a year and possesses tons of potential to become a super model one day.

BE-Style: What would be your dream ad campaign or photo shoot?
CF: I really enjoy shooting Beauty Shots, so a dream ad campaign shoot would be with a top cosmetic company such as Cover Girl or MAC.

BE-Style: Where did you get your training or study photography? (prob included in bio)
CF: I attended Florida A&M University where I studied Graphic Design and Photography. I also learned a lot from interning at VIBE Magazine.

BE-Style: Who are you favorite clients?
CF: All my clients are my favorites! I always have a great time shooting; it’s what I love to do so it doesn’t matter who the client is…I will enjoy myself.

BE-Style: Do you have a special style in your photographs that can single you out like strokes in a painting?
CF: Yes: color, creativity and vision. This is my so called “Formula”. I think about each element when I shoot and when I’m retouching a photo. I’m known for my use of color, the creativity of the imagery and the vision of how that image came to life.

BE-Style: Do you think that a person must possess talent to capture emotion and expression in a picture?
CF: I do believe someone must possess some form a talent, but I believe it’s more important that the person must understand emotion(s) itself for them to be able to recreate that feeling in an image. It’s been plenty of times where I had to seclude myself and envision a certain emotion so I can make that feeling come to life with a model and my lens.

Chad N. Finley, http://cnfinley.tumblr.com/
Finley Fotos – Fashion Photography | Booking@FinleyFotos.com
www.FinleyFotos.com | www.twitter.com/Finley_Fotos

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