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Battery/Jive recording artist Chalie Boy’s grind is paying off. After years of work on the mixtape circuit, his hit single, “I Look Good,” is still prevalent across radios and nightclubs nationwide even though the song was released in January 2009. Chalie came into the game in 2000 being featured on a mixtape for Texas underground group known as the Freestyle Kingz.  That began a long-lasting relationship with DJ Bull, CEO of Dirty 3rd Records, the label that changed Charles Williams to Chalie Boy. And the rest is history.

Later in 2009, Chalie Boy found himself signed to Battery Records, a division of Jive and a national market was created for his artistry. BE Magazine sat down with Chalie Boy to discuss his success and plans for the future.

BE Magazine: What was your Inspiration for “I Look Good”?

Chalie Boy: I was in the lab listening to a track produced by J. B. Easy and we just sat down and started formatting the song and laid it down and we started to record with the intention that this was a radio song, a single song. It was uptempo. “I Look Good” isn’t actually a dance song yet it keeps up with the tempo of the dance songs. It was a good concept and good idea. And we put it together and put it out, and it did it’s job for me.




BE Magazine: Now you’ve got Slim Thug and Juvenile on the remix!

Chalie Boy: I got those artists on the official remix. But you know your song is doing well when other artists are dropping their own verses to it. I’ve heard a verse from Red Cafe, E-40, and I’ve listened to those cats and it’s just an honor. If artists don’t respect you and respect what you’re doing, they wont touch your music anyway. Even if I’m not hands on with those artists, it’s still respect.

BE Magazine: So what’s next for Chalie Boy?

Chalie Boy: Right now the song that we’re pushing is called “Look Like Money Smell Like Dollas,” it has the same feel as, “I Look Good” but it’s geared more towards the independent status chick. It’s a good up tempo feeling song. 

BE Magazine: How close knit are the Dallas/Houston artists?

Chalie Boy: Texas is a big place. I can’t say I know all artists that come out but I don’t mind getting to know you. I know Paul [Wall]. I know Cham[illionaire]. When they see me it’s a common respect amongst me and them.

BE Magazine: So you got the mixtape dropping June 1st?

Chalie Boy: Yeah, it’s called The Grind Pays Off. It’s just a continuation of my work. I hope that people enjoy what I have to offer.

BE Magazine: So what are your goals within the next year?

Chalie Boy: Every artist is looking for that icon status. I would like to be on that level to where my music represents me to the fullest and people respect that. I hope my music continues to reach fans that don’t know me yet and I can become an icon in the game. And have more doors open such as being in films, soundtracks, whatever. I want my music to flourish in this year and continue to do so afterwards.

BE Magazine: Who are your dream collabos?

Chalie Boy: I would say my peers are Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, Mike Jones. Those are my peers coming up in the game. I’m very proud of them. But getting to work with Juvenile and Bun B and being befriended by Pimp C those are honors. I would like to get to work with Beyonce or do a track with Busta Rhymes or Jay-Z and Nas. Only time will tell.




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Disc 1: Hosted by DJ Mr. Rogers
01. Entertainer (Intro)
02. I’m Here (Produced by D-Nyce)
03. Let It Drop (Produced by Red Prodigy)
04. Gamer (Produced by Groundwork Productions)
05. Call Me (Featuring 
Chamillionaire) (Produced by DJ Rapid Ric)
06. Red Rover (Produced by D-Nyce)
07. Loaded (Produced by Groundwork Productions)
08. Deja Blue (Produced by D-Nyce)
09. Look Like Money (Smell Like Dollaz)
10. Change (Produced by EP Productions)
11. Thickness (Produced by D-Nyce)
12. Bumpa Grill (Produced by Cutta)
13. Freedom
14. Nothin’ Like A Slab (Produced by D-Nyce)
15. Wheels On Da Bus
16. Twinkle Twinkle (You’re A Star) (Produced by D-Nyce)
17. Something Real (Produced by George Young)
18. Family Affair

Disc 2: Slowed-N-Chopped by DJ Luis
01. Chalie Boy Intro
02. Entertainer (Intro)
03. I’m Here
04. Let It Drop
05. Call Me (Featuring 
06. Freedom
07. Change
08. Family Affair
09. Gamer
10. Loaded
11. Wheels On Da Bus
12. Something Real
13. Twinkle Twinkle (You’re A Star)
14. Deja Blue
15. Nothin’ Like A Slab
16. Red Rover
17. Look Like Money (Smell Like Dollaz)
18. Thickness
19. Chalie Boy Outro

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