Chef Jaaion Hosts #BEarif Spring Menu Tasting


Last night, Chef Jaaion Barnes, aka “The Menu Fixer” hosted a private Media & Tastemakers gathering at Arif Lounge, allowing some of ATL’s BEloved press & VIP’s the chance to sample a few items off of Arif’s spring menu. The night kicked off with Chef Jaaion welcoming his hand-picked guest list of 20 influencers, while toasting over a couple of bottles of Ciroc.


As the night inched on, guests which included a slew of bloggers, journalists, media personalities, fellow chefs, and industry elite, got the chance to sample specially prepared menu items like Black Angus Filet Mignon Sliders on a Mini Pretzel Bun/Garlic Truffle Fries/Sriracha Aioli, Herb Poached Salmon with Herb Infused Olive Oil/Broccoli/Brown Rice/Chardonnay Cream Sauce, & Georgia Shrimp & Grits with Jumbo Shrimp/Fried Grit Patties/Sauteed Spinach/Moscato Cream Sauce. Chef Jaaion also showcased a table spread presentation of other menu items including Southern Fried CalamariCreamy Chicken & Asparagus Pasta, & Curried Lamb Chops.


With BE Magazine & QuenteSential Branding BEing major sponsors of not only last night’s #BEarif Media Tasting, but other tasting events hosted by Chef Jaaion, I have to personally admit that there were several kinks that needed to BE worked out, making last night’s tasting quite different from others. MayBE it was the energy and viBE of the location, where the owners/managers didn’t even think to look our way, let alone come and greet and/or thank the media for coming out, but in the truest form of professionalism, our guests still mixed, mingled, smiled, and made the BEst out of a somewhat bumpy ride. For that, I say THANK YOU! Thanks, not only for your continued support, but for understanding that there are always several pieces to a puzzle, and sometimes certain components drop the ball.  “The Menu Fixer” will continue to do what he does BEst, which is make amazingly delicious food & leave a long lasting memory at every spot he cooks at, and we will continue to stand up for our media counterparts and make sure that you get everything you deserve…or at least what you’ve BEen told you would get. Please know that we are back at the drawing board & will make sure that everyone involved in our next opportunity dots their i’s and crosses there t’s.


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