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Like the old saying goes “The way to your man/woman’s heart is through the stomach”.  Chef Jason Ellis (formerly of Fox’s hit show Hell’s Kitchen) offers a few tips that will definitely come handy if you plan on making  this Valentine’s Day (or any special occasion) memorable.

BEfore all, you should know your significant other. If you don’t get to know them, get to know what they love to eat. Try to find that unique special dish that they love…do your research. You want to create a meal that not only appeals to their taste buds but to their mind, and if you do it right, their body.

Chef Jason’s Hint: Use Vanilla, it’s a natural afrodisiac. BE creative and find a way to incorporate vanilla into your entree. Mix together vanilla flavoring and heavy cream to create a vanilla cream that could serve as a topping for whatever meat you decide to make.. Seafood is actually a great way to infuse the vanilla flavoring, shrimp, lobster, crab are all great ways to marry these diverse flavors.

As for Dessert. Use a Spongecake or Spice Cake as your base, sautee some fresh apples in butter along with honey , brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla creating  your own caramel sauce. Next you’ll add a couple Shots of Mascoto Wine in to the mixture. After the apples are caramelized then you pour them over your spice cake and drizzle the sauce on top of it, add a scoop of vanilla BEan ice cream, and voila, there you have it .

To sip on we have the “StrawBErry Storm” StrawBErry Mint lemonade: 1 part strawBErry mint lemonade, 1 part Ciroc. Take liquid nitrogen or a piece of dry ice and drop it down into the martini glass creating the cloud effect that hovers over the glass. He then sticks “pop rocks” to the rim of the glass, as to how the rocks stick to the glass… he’ll never tell…

A flavor burst for your entree, your dessert and your drinks is bound to prove BEyond any doubts that you put thought into showing the one you love just how much they actually matter. With these things in mind, this will surely BE a day to rememBer for years to come.

If all of this just so happens to fail… HIRE CHEF JASON…. that’s the BEst gift you can get your loved one.

You can catch Chef Jason Ellis conjuring up his creations at the Buckhead Bottle Bar…Make your reservation NOW.

Follow him on twitter @TheChefAtl

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