Chic Boutique Tour by: Santrell “Suga” Stewart

On Saturday, November 12, 2011, I had the opportunity to experience THE paramount shopping experience to date: Chic Boutique Tours (CBT).  CBT is the ultimate shopping experience created by Rosalynn Wilson.  The idea of CBT is to allow women of different backgrounds and lifestyles to come together, socialize, network, shop, eat, and BE merry in STYLE, and without going broke.  This marvelous shopping soiree is planned and executed with fabulosity in mind.  Guests of the tour receive discounts in each boutique, and a part of the proceeds of the tour is donated to The Lupus Foundation.

This particular Tour was CBT’s Anniversary Tour, which began with a “Pink Carpet Social.”  As you walk through the door to check in, you are greeted with a lavender boa (returning guests also receive a matching tiara).  At which time, the sweet aroma of cotton candy, provided by Crave Cotton Candy Factory grabs you, leading you towards the spot light.  Here, you are met by the sounds of DJ Spontaneous scratching and mixing, while the “CBT Paparazzi” captures you as you strut your stuff on the pink carpet.  After several Diva-esk poses and glamour shots, you are whisked into the first of several boutiques.  This tour started at the sleek Coposhi Boutique in the center of Buckhead, Atlanta.  Guests were served their choice of unlimited signature cocktails provided and served by Hpnotiq Harmonie Liqueur.  As a non-alcoholic choice, guests were provided with Glaceau Smartwater or Vitaminwater Zero.  The star treatment did not stop here.  In the midst of this magnificent start, we are informed that Spa Sydell is providing complimentary mini-massages.  Of course, I had to BE the first to get in the chair.  One word….AMAZING!  Prior to setting out on our shopping excursion, we are serenaded by the sultry sounds of singer/songwriter Kyron Leslie.  All of this in an hour, by now I’m thinking CBT has given too much too soon.  Boy was I wrong.

As we boarded the luxury coach, we were given raffle tickets.  Once settled in our seats, we were greeted by a fun informative video introducing our hostess and wait staff.  After the video we watched a great movie during our journey, while drinking, laughing, and getting to know some great women.  CBT has exceeded my expectations.

Our first stop was 5Continents Boutique, a very unique fair trade co-op boutique in Buckhead.  All items are handmade and eco-friendly.  After a pleasant shopping experience at 5Continents, we board the coach and are served a delicious lunch, and the first of several gifts is raffled off.  Soon, we arrive atEast Atlanta’s Pink Sky Boutique, giddy, and in good spirits. Here we are greeted with warm smiles, and great prices.  One would think, after hours of shopping, drinking, and eating, exhaustion would begin to take over.  Not the case when you’re in the company of the vibrant, excitable, and entertaining Rosalynn Wilson. We enthusiastically board the coach, anticipating our next and final boutique, as we embark on our journey fromEast Atlanta’s Pink Sky Boutique to Kennesaw’s Embellish Boutique.  Everyone is talking about their great finds, and anticipation for the next CBT experience.  More gifts are raffled off, and succulent cookies are served as a dessert.  Upon arrival at Embellish Boutique, everyone is impressed.  The prices are great and we are pleasantly surprised at the wide range of sizes provided: 2 to 26.  When the final purchases are made, we board our luxury coach one last time.  As we head back to Coposhi Boutique, more gifts are raffled off, and toasts are made to our hostess.  After a sincere word from our hostess professing her gratitude, we are informed that parting gifts await us inside Coposhi Boutique.

After receiving my beautiful pink gift box, filled with trinkets and discounts from the sponsors and boutiques, I sat with Owner/Creator/Hostess Rosalynn Wilson for a very brief Q & A:


      Suga:  I’d like to first say, thank you for an awesome day.  I only have two questions for you, as the experience speaks volumes.  I understand that you would like to expand Chic Boutique Tours to other cities, what cities do you have your eyes set on?

     Rosalynn: I am presently looking intoWashingtonD.C., andCincinnati,OH.  I will expand one city at a time, to ensure solid success.

Suga: That’s understandable.  Please don’t forget aboutNew Orleans!


Rosalynn: I won’t. New Orleans is on my list as well.  I used to live there.

Suga: Great! My final question is:  Will there BE a “Chic Boutique Tours” official shuttle/tour bus?

Rosalynn: Most definitely.  I envision pink motor coaches with the CBT logo, being seen in multiple cities very soon.

After my first Chic Boutique Tour, I see Ms. Wilson’s vision being a success.  I encourage BE readers to sign up for Chic Boutique Tours’ newsletters.  This is definitely an experience to BE shared.


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