Chicago Nancy’s Pizza Buckhead – Putting Class in Pizza

When you think of  the traditional Pizza Shop, you think of a counter, someone to take your order and you enjoying a normal slice of pizza but not here. Chicago Nancy’s Pizza n Buckhead is THEE Ultimate experience in Pizza and good dining.  Although Chicago Nancy’s Pizza in Buckhead came to fruition as a part of a chain, it didn’t take long BEfore they created their own lane and set themselves apart from the rest. Not only does the food taste amazing, but it’s quickly BEcome one of the most visited restaurants in Atlanta. The first bite of Pizza is like none other; from the fresh ingredients to the amount of care and love you taste it keeps you wanting more. They not only do they offer their famous deep dish, traditional and more, they offer baked wings in many flavors, salads which include the freshest ingredients around, and sandwiches.

When you walk through the doors ,  your delighted by the music that fills the room and accompanies the aroma’s that captivate your nostrils. Depending on the time of day you may hear some smooth jazz and see a room full of people on their lunch break or  families out for an enjoyable dinner. If you happen to stop by on Karaoke night, your most likely to see a room full of people, someone singing the song that makes them feel like a singer and a whole room of background singers who sing right along. Either way, you will always walk away with an experience like non other. To complete any night, Nancy’s Buckhead offers a variety of specialty drinks which includes 2 of my favorites ;The Mango Long Island and The StrawBErry Long island, which are both available on the rocks or as a daiquiri .


Owner Greg Cole tells us “Nancy’s Prides itself in BEing it’s own competition. Always challenging ourselves to do BEtter than we did the day BEfore”.


If your in the mood to sing your heart out, make sure you stop by Nancy’s Friday or Saturday nights for the original Karaoke night.




To keep up with Nancy’s Buckhead follow them on Twitter and Instagram @NancysBuckhead 


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