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A young BErg is no stranger to the wonderful world of music. He got his big break at the tender age of 15 under rapper DMX on Def Jam Records.  He went on to put out mega hits like “Sexy Lady” and “The Business”, which both went platinum.

Today, Young BErg has a new mixtape out, entitled Mr. Ward.  It has features with major artist such as Ray J, Roscoe Dash, Yung Chris, Lil Scrappy, Diamond and Pleasure P (just to name a few). The mixtape is hosted by DJ Rockstar, DJ Ill Will and DJ Woogie, and has produced mild hitting singles Loving You Like Me, 72 Hours, and My B*tch Badder Than Yours. Young BErg states he is proud of what his mixtape has BEcome, “It’s a classic piece of work. A lot of people put out mixtapes with just them rapping over other people’s BEats. I went another way. I dropped 20 songs with all original material.” He has a lot visuals of the mixtape with one BEing, “My B*tch Badder than Yours”, which features Lil Scrappy, which was just shot recently in Atlanta.   When asked how it feels to BE working with other artist in the game, Young BErg states, “It feels good to BE loved. I’m fans with everybody that I’ve worked with, so it’s almost surreal to BE on a video set with somebody who I use to listen to their music BEfore I even got my deal and my first hit and now I’m doing records with them, so it is just a blessing at the end of the day, first and foremost.”

Young BErg also admitted that another key factor that he likes on making it into the music biz is girls!  He loves the woman! He stated that some of the hottest woman to him in the game right now is BEyonce, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.  However, even with them, he states he would like to see new talent. “I encourage all the new woman to step up! We need new meat. We need new talent. That’s who I’m looking for”. So if you think you have what it takes and want to show your talent, Young BErg encourages you to hit up his management team @youngBErgpromo@gmail.com and @therealyoungBErg on twitter.

Don’t let anyone stand in your way”, he states, as he know about that all too well with dealing with a great bit of controversy. However, Young BErg has risen above the BEef and encourages everyone to live out their dreams. “If you are passionate about something that you want to do in life, all you have to do is keep God first and really stay focused and stay at it, no matter what trials and tribulations may come in front of you, or come your way. As long as you stay down and stay focused and do things that are going to move you in a positive direction, you are going to BE able to BE right here and BE successful. Don’t let anybody tell you different. For real!”

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  • I’m proud of @therealyoungberg he is a young beast in the game when it comes to songwriting and producing, his Gotham City(Chicago) roots has made him strong BEcuz a lotta weaker dudes would’ve folded under the pressure he had to deal wit. I glad to see em bringing it.

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