Chrisette Michele Hosts Listening Session For Milestone

Chrisette Michele hosted a Listening Session for her latest album, Milestone, in New York City Thursday evening. This exclusive listening session offered us a one on one atmosphere with Chrisette Michele as she played a snippet of every song on her new album. Not only were we able to hear the songs but Ms. Michele let us know why she wrote the songs and where she was when she wrote them.


Milestone will not only allow you to hear the BEautiful voice of Chrisette Michele but you will also hear some great features like Rick Ross. This particular track will BE a fan favorite as it shows the reconciliation of Rick Ross and Chrisette Michele who had a little tif a couple years ago.


This album will show the different sides of Chrisette Michele. This is her first project on her own record laBEl and she is guaranteeing that her fans have access to her entire album and not just one song!


Make sure you look out for Milestone coming this month!


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