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As I have proclaimed and it has been seen, the art of fashion is both demonstrated and imitated everywhere. College students fall prey just like the average American hard-working shopaholic to the trends of fashion. On the campus of Clark Atlanta University, one of the exhilarating experiences of the spring would be that of the annual fashion show. I have had the pleasure of attending in the past and I must say that I thoroughly enjoy the experience and journey chauffeured by these young creative minds. I recently learned that the driver of this “fantasy ride” was Casey “iCON” Billingsley, founding member of Project X. I applaud the efforts of a student that sees an opportunity and dare to be inspired to fill the void. I recently had a conversation with iCON and this is what he had to say: 

BE-Style: Would explain the idea behind Project X?

iCON:      As one of the few guys in the Fashion Program on campus, the entire thing started after I ran and won Freshmen Class President. The time was coming of for the annual events and a few talented and like minded friend got together to have the fashion show. In 2005, the production of the event and overall show went very well and from there we decided to start an organization that plans and produces the on campus fashion shows. “The Overload” was our first show and we have been going strong since then.


BE-Style: I am familiar with the fashion events organized but Project X, but this year’s show was orchestrated but Project NeXt. Can you tell me, what is the difference between the two organizations?

iCON:      Project NeXt is a shadowing organization operating under the umbrella of Project X. As you already know, Project X was the brainchild of mine, while I attend Clark Atlanta University. The company and our events were received so well, that once the founding members graduated, the students that assisted in our efforts wanted to continue in our paths and decided to pay homage by calling the next group of designers and planners, Project NeXt.


BE-Style: What was the theme of this year’s show?

iCON:      This year, the organizers wanted to celebrate influences of the music industry. Every scene was dedicated to a specific era or genre. So the theme this year was “Face The Music.”


BE-Style: Who were some of the supporters and designers participating in the show?

iCON:      Every year we get great from support from local boutiques that allow us to “pull” for the show. We also love to use emerging talents in the industry. Name a few: Arden B. / Pieces of a Dream / Nicci Hou / Rafael Cox / Charles Lynch


BE-Style: What do you all want the audience to experience when attending a show?

iCON:      We have always those in attendance to be enthused about the art of fashion. Many of Atlanta’s stylish are hip to what’s going on in fashion and the trends. But I love to push the envelope a dare people to wear what is seen on the runway. Adopt some of the more Avant Garde designers as favorites and add them to your wardrobe.


BE-Style: What is next for you and Project X?

iCON:      Well Project X has ended on the collegiate level. But I am surrounded but very creative and talented people. I am personally a freelance consultant and planner around with several projects in the works. I am writing for ModaMouth.com and working with KostumeKids, a promotional group that host events at The Hangar in Atlanta. I would love for Project X to grow to be the one-stop-shop for everything fashion. From fashion show production, model management, grooming tips, to working on the set of photo shoots. I believe that every service we are able to provide will be to assist someone else on their journey to be fashionable and conscientious. I look forward to being an influence and to initiate a movement.


Project X Fashion Show Pics
Project neXt Fashion Show Pics

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