Cle’ Bennett: Man of Many Talents


BE MAG:  How long have you been an actor in this business? Do you remember your first role or production?

Cle’ Bennett: My professional journey began about fourteen years ago, when I starred in a short film called Shudder.

BE MAG: Can you share with us out of Television, Stage, and the Big Screen, which one do you prefer? Or do you enjoy it all?

Cle’ Bennett: I enjoy acting in all mediums, but I’m partial to acting on screen, whether it is on television or film.

BE MAG: Talk to our readers about your role on ABC’s “Rookie Blue” as Officer Wesley Cole.

Cle’ Bennett: Wes shows up at the hospital after Chloe gets shot, and he reveals to Dov that he’s Chloe’s husband.  Wes and Chloe were former partners in another precinct, and one weekend after a string of back-to-back shifts they took off to Niagara to party, and ended up tying the knot just for kicks.  Soon after, Chloe was transferred and they lost contact, but the reality is Wes has strong feelings for Chloe that he’s always kept to himself.  Now with her life on the line, he regrets his silence and believes this may be his second chance with her.  Problem is, she’s kind of in a relationship with Dov at the moment, so there’s bound to be some drama!

BE Mag: Tell us about your role in the CW Drama “Arrow”.

Cle’ Bennett: I play the role of this badass named Xavier Reed a.k.a. “The Mayor”. In the aftermath of the quake, his goal is to take over The Glades, with sheer firepower.

BE MAG: Would you consider yourself your biggest critic or fan (of your own work)?

Cle’ Bennett: I have very high expectations of myself as a performer, so I’d have to say I’m my biggest critic. I also however, have complete faith in my abilities, so I guess I’m my biggest fan, as well.


BE MAG: How did it feel to win 2 Gemini awards in the same year?

Cle’ Bennett: It felt awesome!  It’s always encouraging when your hard work is recognized.

BE MAG: What are 2 dream roles or productions you would love to do?

Cle’ Bennett: I don’t really have a dream role, or production.  I just enjoy great storytelling, and playing multidimensional roles, and complex characters, with complex problems.

BE Mag:  Tell us about your Directorial Debut.

Cle’ Bennett: The opportunity to direct a short film arose, and so I accepted the challenge.  I definitely learned a lot, being on the other side of the lens.

BE Mag:  Do you have plans to direct again?

Cle’ Bennett: No immediate plans, however, I imagine I’ll direct in the future.

BE MAG: 3 Qualities you think anyone considering acting should have if they want success and longevity?

Cle’ Bennett: Patience, Self discipline, and Focus.

BE Mag: What is the best advice you can give to an up and coming Actor starting out?

Cle’ Bennett: First, be absolutely sure that acting is your passion – that it’s something you want to do whether or not it can earn you money, or fame, because the odds are, those things may never come. Second, make sure you develop your skills within the craft, to the point where you are undeniably good. Third, after you’ve done one, and two – you must have patience and engage in consistent action.


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