College Rockz Competition – 2009

In Issue VI, Joshua “Ja Ja” Casey was named BE-Style’s Designer to Watch. As a freshmen at AIU, Joshua is continuing to nurture his innate ability to design and create garments. The majority of his work is done by hand with great attention to detail and what truly sets him apart is astonishing manipulation of fabric. In the fashion industry these techniques exist in the larger fashion houses which are show on the runways of fashion capitols such as Paris, Tokyo, New York, London, Rome, and Milan. Joshua has yet to become the name rolling off the tongues of fashionistas and style icons but as we watch his matriculation, we believe that he is well on the way.



Just this past month, Joshua participated in the first annual College Rockz Competition, which brought together talent across the U.S. The competition allowed the students to display their creativity in the form in which they were blessed. As I sat in the audience – and sometimes wandered backstage – I would ask myself, Where are you still-undiscovered talent(s)? But I know that every life has a mission and path it must take and for everyone those paths are different. Some arrive a lot sooner than others. Speaking of which, I was surprised by the presence of a designer that is definitely making a name for himself in the industry. I am sure that there are great things to come from Mychael Knight (former Project Runway finalish). As we keep running into each other at various events, on this night he was a guest judge and a participated in the finale runway show.


Enjoy everything JaJa:





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