Coming Out Strong..Meet Vince Ashton

“I am art.”

While the Atlanta music scene is saturated with undiscovered talent, one man emerges with musical integrity and philanthropic vision for the worldwide community. Vince Ashton, an Atlanta native and recording artist, at age 24 is lighting up stages with his authentic approach to the pop culture, fashion, and music. He redefines the classical story of the urban kid who dreams of making it to the big time through his passion for education, people, and faith. As a goal-oriented artist, he does not shy from the spotlight and understands the stage to BE his platform for empowerment. Where you find Vince Ashton, you will in turn his heart, passion, struggles and triumphs. This multifaceted hometown hero BElieves he stand on the shoulders of giants and is on a mission to take his place in music history.

Deeply rooted in his faith and spirituality, Vince Ashton is a community organizer and faithful friend. He is a praise and worship leader at one of the most well respected churches in the nation, the non-denominational World Changers Church International, under the leadership of Pastor Creflo Dollar. When asked why he chooses to pursue a career in music, He will confidently and eloquently tell anyone that it is ordained by God and predestined. What makes this pioneer so special and one hot commodity is his innate ability to command an audience with his soaring vocals and dominating personality. He idolizes music greats like John Legend and never fails to pay homage to his hometown idol and Atlanta BEauty, Monica Brown. His music styles are influenced by so many other powerful voices in this industry. Nothing separates Vince Ashton from his passion, and to love this man is to love his soul.

Vince Ashton as defined by himself is energetic, hardworking, and compassionate. “I am art”, he says. He is committed to artistry, music, and people. BEcause he recognizes music as an universal language, his long term goal is to expand his talent development company, Chasing Your Dreams Talent Development LLC, which is an outreach program that inspires other young, ambitious musicians to pursue their dreams in this business to BEtter the world. Vince Ashton is a serious ambassador for good and philanthropist. For 2014, he will serve as the music ambassador for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation: Atlanta Chapter. The professional host and emcee will take his brand even further by releasing his first recording project in coming days.

BEyond his handsome face, sex appeal, and dope music, Vince Ashton is a warrior for the community. With this opportunity, he makes it priority to always remind survivors alike of his signature mantra, “Live your truth. BE your truth. Make it your priority. That gives you your uniqueness. BE true to yourself.”

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