Cover Story: Basketball Wives LA’s Laura Govan – Love & Basketball

Reality TV has taken America by storm and often times supersedes the ratings of major budget TV shows. The perfect character selections, invigorating plots, adorned with heaps of drama keeps millions of viewers coming back to the TV in anticipation of what’s to come in future episodes.

Reality TV has evolved so much that they now have spin-off shows that spark equal nail biting attention & drive fans in droves to televisions and computers to see exactly what’s going on with these newly famed stars. VH1’s Basketball Wives originally derived with a cast of ladies from Miami, but transitioned, thru the art of Reality TV spin-offs, to an additional show with a cast or fire sparks in LA, both of which BEing the world’s first look into the life of Laura Govan.

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Laura is arguable Basketball Wives LA’s most controversial character, having fought on the very first episode, and never backing down from handing out verbal BEatings to rival castmates…most of which were served BEtween Laura and former BE Magazine cover artist/our dear friend Jackie Christie. Laura and Jackie’s relationship can BEst BE descriBEd as a quagmire and left fans still on somewhat of a cliffhanger as to whether they could or world ever mend what once seemed like a friendship.

Laura Govan is in a new space now & has settled down from the high’s and the lows of watching herself on screen. In our interview BElow, Laura showcases just how ready she is for the next chapters in her life, and answers some of the questions fans were left with regarding her fiance, castmates, and what she has coming up.

What’s BEen new with Laura since we’ve last seen you on the BBW LA Reunion a few months ago? 
– Growth. Sometimes I’ll catch repeats of past episodes when I’m at home and I look at myself and say “who is this girl!?” (laughing), I’ll be laughing at different jokes I said like if I was watching another person. In fact, It is like a watching another person. I’m at a different place right now in my life, physically & mentally then I was then. The show for me definitely was therapeutic.

With LOVE BEing in the air from all of the Valentine’s Bliss…what’s going on with your wedding plans? 
– Great! I’m not going to announce the date just yet. The main thing I want my wedding to BE is intimate & private. We’re only inviting close friends & family. I don’t want people there who’ll secretly BEhind our backs pray we don’t make it. I only want to BE surrounded by love & support.
How does it feel to BE in love? And does BEing in love feel BEtter with a 23 Carat Ring? 
– Being in love feels BEtter when you’re with the person you were meant to BE with! Me & Gil have BEen together for over 10 years now. I was with him when he was broke & I had to pay for our meal. Sure, having a ring is nice, but it isn’t essential.
There was a lot of drama surrounding you, Gloria, and Jackie Christie on last season’s show…what can we expect this season, and have you and Jackie BEen able to find common ground? 
– I’m over it. Just BEcause I don’t hang with you in real life or don’t care to BE friends with a person doesn’t mean I hate them. You know, it was what it was and that’s that. Keep it moving. What you can expect to see from me in the future is more of who I am. I don’t have time to care what other people are doing or thinking, it’s not my business.

We’ve seen such a transition in your figure after having your baby. How have you managed to shed all of the baby weight? 
– BEfore, I would go to McDonalds or Burger King and know exactly what I wanted and what number it was without having to look at the menu. So now what I’ve BEen doing is eliminating fast food and eating smaller portions. Also, I’m a natural athlete so I play basketball a lot at the gym near my house and do light workouts around the house. What people don’t understand is by the time the show had aired it’s first episode, we had already BEen filming for over 3 months, so when people saw me at the reunion, it looked like I lost all my pregnancy weight in the course of 2-3 months but really I had BEen working hard to lose it for over 6 months at that point.
You are BEing highly regarded as a fashionista, what does Laura’s closet entail? 
– Shoes! I LOVE shoes! The higher the heel, the BEtter! (laughing) I’m a mom, so the majority of my closet is jeans and t-shirts, I’m a hands on mom so I like to roll around on the floor with my kids and play outside in the mud with them, so I need lots of clothes that are comfortable and can get dirty. Of course I have a section of my closet that is filled with my sexy clothes and more dressy stuff, but my everyday go to outfits are definitely less fancy.

BEsides your wedding & the new season of BBW LA, what are you looking forward to in 2012? 
– Good question. I’m currently working on a fitness DVD that will BE available during second quarter! It’s for all body types and caters to mothers who’ve just given birth and want to shed their pregnancy weight. I’m also doing a few things BEhind the scenes, producing different projects and developing my brand! Although 2012 has just BEgun, it’s already looking promising!

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