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Who was Bo Talley BEfore the instafame & 50K+ Followers?

bo-talley-43443 copyBO Talley was and is the same person she is now. Nothing has changed but the fact that more people on this earth know me, than just only my family and friends. Everything you see me do now, is what I’ve always done in the past. Charity events, planning my own events, being a part of the entertainment industry,  workingout, ETC… it’s all who I have always been.. Nothing has changed..

Why do you think are people so intrigued by Ms Bo Talley?

I feel like there are still people on this earth that really like real people. I know when I was put out on social media some thought I was a fake person but when people found out who I REALLY AM , THEY began to realize,  she’s real, she has a real family, she’s a real businesswoman,  she really does workout And that’s her real gray hair, Lol.  I’m always TRYING to encourage people know matter what the situation is, so when I run into people who see me on social media and then They find out that I’m a really nice person they are really amazed.  people think I should have an bad attitude because my picture has been sprayed  all over social media in a positive and negative light. I’m not mad about it, so when they see I don’t have an attitude and I’m really nice to them they continue to want to get to know more about me..

We get to see the socialite/businesswoman side of Bo, but deep down inside, you’re really a family girl right?

My family is my life, my family is the reason why I do what I do and my family is why I am who I am. The connection between me and my children is breakable. I grew up from humble beginnings and I grew up learning to protect MY family. THIS is Why I am ride or die my children, FOR MY FAMILY. They support me so much and understand my purpose and my mission in life. That it Allows me to be me. Their Not ashamed of me, they support me and they’re happy for me.  THEY LOVE ME AND I LOVE THEM..

You allowed the BE Team to completely transform your look for the cover & the shoot…how did it feel to see yourself with black hair & to play dress up with us?

OHH MY GOSH, IT WAS AMAZING. To completely transform is always fun. Since a child I always played dress-up with me and my dolls. What ever I would put on that day I would draw it, cut it out from a plain piece of school paper and put it on my dolls. We would be twins, lol so to have the Be team play dress-up with me was absolutely FUN.

bo-talley-43576 copy

You’re involved in the entertainment industry & have BEen for quite some time. How did you start in entertainment & what’s the means BEhind your company?

I STARTED MY JOURNEY THROUGH THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY VIA MUSIC. I used to be a singer, A professional singer, I’ve opened up for people, I’ve sing solo, I’ve been in a groups. I’ve managed singing careers and help a few get to where they are today.

bo-talley-43497 copyYour life has afforded you some pretty amazing experiences. What’s one of your favorite celebrity experiences?

When I was able to host gentle treatment segment  called “What a Grown Woman Knows” at the Charlie Wilson concert in NEW York CITY at Madison Square Garden in front of 20,000+ people. I am a huge Charlie Wilson fan and backstage as we where doing media interviews he told me you look beautiful and you are going to be just fine…I Damn near had a heart attack..

You’re known for having one of the BEst body’s ever…give the ladies some fall tips for getting their bodies right.

Stay consistent in your work out and you will see results. Learn Your body first that way you’ll know what to change as far as eating habits and what work workout works best for you. We need to keep in mind that everyone is made differently, so you may not get the results someone else may get instantly but don’t get discouraged, get disciplined and get determined..

You’re a fashion girl, & since we are “FALLing out of Summer”, what are you looking forward to rocking for the FALL season?

I’m starting to like leather and I’ve never been a leather girl. You Can dress it up, you can dress it down,  it’s just fun, sassy and classy…

At this point in your career, what’s most important to you moving forward?

Just making sure that my children understand why I do what I do and to continue to leave a legacy for them. I don’t want all my hard work to be in vain in my children’s eyes. I want them to continue to work hard for anything they believe in and  anything they want to do. Hard work does pay off, Not giving up does pay off. Making Blaq Pearl entertainment a bigger brand is definitely what I’m seeking to do.

bo-talley-43506 copy

If you were stuck on an island, what are five items that would BE must haves?

My eyelashes, my cell phone, my workout weights and mix match socks, my candy Laffy taffy’s and shrimp, and a comb.. OOO that’s more than 5 lol

How can your fans keep up with Ms Bo Talley and all of the wonderful things you have coming up? We know some secrets, but we’ll wait until you can let the cat out of the bag.

www.blaqpearlent.com  @IamMsBoTalley @BlaqPearlEnt  Twitter/Instagram Facebook Ms Bo Talley

[Photographer: Ahmad BarBEr @AhmadBarBEr | Stylist: Carter James @TheNewIndie | Hair: Tre Baines @TreBaines | Makeup: BEe Wade @AllThingsBEe | Accessories:Thaddeus Goodridge @ThadsGood]

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