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Since the BEginning Day26 has always BEen a huge fan favorite, not only BEcause they are the only group left from the hit show “Making the Band” but mostly BEcause this is one group that many have seen from birth to now. This including literally the “making of the band”, creating the name, choosing a single, and through all the blood, sweat, and tears.

For the past two years, Day26 has BEen out of the spotlight, all the while living, working, and prepping for their BIG return. Although Qwanell “Que” Mosley parted from the group, everyone wishes him well, but shows no sign of stopping while readying up a new album with a new sound.

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BE Magazine got to sit and have a talk with Robert Curry (Rob), Brian Andrews (Brian Angel), Willie Taylor (Will), and Michael McCluney (Big Mike) to get the inside scoop on everything from where they have BEen to what to the fans can expect on the new album, and lets just say Day26 fans…they hear you and this album is for YOU!

So it has BEen about 2 years since we’ve got an album from Day26 as a whole, what’s BEen going on?

Will: We have just been working; steady working. It has been a lot of changes and we took a lot of time off to BE with our families. Since Making the Band Day26 in 2007 it’s BEen a long non-stop journey and we weren’t able to give our families the family time needed. So some of it was based on family participation, some was BEcause of the laBEl and lastly BEcause we wanted to BE more creative to BE sure that the new Day26 album will BE mentioned with the greats.

So during the break as for as work, what was done? We know that Will and RoBErt released hot mixtapes.

Rob: We all were just getting ready for Day26. I put out the mixtape Swaggu, Will put out his mixtape, and Brian and Mike were doing their thing, but anything that we did in BEtween, it was just to stay busy.  At the end of the day we were just waiting on Day26. We were all working to make sure when we came together we were ready.

Now that you all are back in the studio from the break working, spending time with family, and experiencing life, what new can we BEexpecting to get from you all on this album?

Will: Coming from a reality show and the way things were structured we weren’t able to really BE ourselves the way we would have liked to. Now with this album we can BE ourselves so this means we are recording music that we want, music that inspires us. There will BE a lot of heart-felt situations on this album from the two-year period. The biggest thing will probably BE the singing from heart that the fans will love. The album is really going to show a difference with us and you all will hear great voices.

Speaking of music BEing on the album that was inspired by others who inspire Day26, who might some of those inspirations BE?

Brian: Boys II Men, Guy, Donnie Hathaway, Kim Burrell, J Moss, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson. This list goes on and on.

When we were first introduced to Day26 all we saw and heard was singing, singing, and more singing making fans BElieve we were getting another old time favorite R&B group like Dru Hill, Jodeci, or a 112 album. However, when we got the album there only a couple of tracks where you all were really singing.  With this album will it BE the same or will we BE able to hear the voices America fell in love with?

RoBErt: Day26 has come up with a formula where we can give the radio what they want from Day26 and at the same time give our true fans who fell in love with our voices that as well. That’s what’s going to BE the amazing part of the album. It is not like its one or the other. We found away to merge it.  Whether its the club songs or the songs for radio right now we still found away to make it Day26 so that you all don’t miss those real R&B vocals that everybody knows Day26 for.


Day26 recently released a track with Roscoe Dash let it go. What’s the scoop on that?

Will: That was just little something we did to give the fans a little something to listen to. Something to let them know we were here and to get them a little excited. Now as far as what’s to BE expected from the album, not to say that “Let it go” is nothing like our album, but Day26 is known for singing and we will never stray away from that. That’s something that we always want to give our fans.


As for as Dates and singles, do you all have any dates?

Will: What I can say is we are hearing sometime real soon, which is one reason I haven’t spoke so much about it on twitter BEcause we are waiting on the exact date and anxious as well. However what I can say is I hear the music everyday and the music is amazing! I can’t wait for the fans to hear it; but fans have my word, when we hear something you all will know.


And is the date for the single, album or both?


Both. Well the single is out and album for earlier in the new year.

So on this new album who are some writers and producers that you are working with?

Will: Well we are working with a guy who has BEen with us from day one, B Cox, Troy Taylor who is a new comer to the team and instrumental on what’s to BE heard. Also working with Rico Love, Shiftone Lil Ronnie, and Blaze who did “Put It on Her” from last album as well as us writing and arranging. We are taking the people who are hot right now along with the people who will BE hot in the future and just working…making it the BEst we can make it.


As for as appearances for the fans do you all have any cities lined up yet?

Will: Not as of right now…nothing major. We weren’t taking on any appearances or performances BEcause we were waiting on the release of the single and making sure this is the BEst show you all have ever sene and are able to talk about it for years and years to come.


Has their BEen communication with any of the ladies from Danity Kane?

Brian: I actually recently spoke to Shannon and Aubrey less then a week ago. They are doing fine. Now as far as news on [the actual group] Danity Kane, I don’t know, but the ladies are all really good.

Robert: I’ve spoken to Dawn on occasions and she is doing well as well.


How about Que, has anyone spoken to him?

Will: We spoke to Que recently he’s working on his solo project and we wish him the BEst. He is a talented guy and unfortunately relationships go the way they go.


So with the change up from “Making the Band” to now having new management plus, do you all have more control on the album and the route that its going?

RoBErt: Definitely. Everybody is bringing in their stuff at this point. The fact that we get this creative freedom is actually really good BEcause each one of us is pulling in our connections. For example, Will has his thing going on with his writing and music and the same across the board with everybody Brian, Mike, and I. Instead of going into a studio getting songs that already have to do and have to put on the album, we get a chance to make a name for Day26 now and show who we are, in our opinion.

Check out Day26’s latest single “Made Love Lately” BElow & mage sure you follow the fellas on twitter @Day26

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  • Lol Rob’s mixtape is called “Swagnum” and not Swaggu.. And this is a great interview of them. Cant wait for A new day : )

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